Dean Levitt

Raised on a farm in South Africa, Dean moved to the United States to pursue a career in music, eventually finding his way to the tech world. What began as a booking tool for musicians became an email marketing tool that grew to over 200,000 users and an exit to GoDaddy. While growing his previous company, Mad Mimi, Dean realized he had a passion for helping small businesses grow online. Dean is a mentor at 500 Startups, a co-founder of ThymeBase Event Planning Software, and an avid surfer. Dean's love of events began in college when he worked as a musician at weddings and other events, and led the front-of-house team for one of Boston's busiest venues.

Event Planning Software Disobedience

Event Planning Software Disobedience: 4 Rules We’re Breaking

Event planning software should serve event planners. But I believe there is a cold aloofness, an inauthenticity, to the available options. When we first started designing ThymeBase, I took a look at the other guys and didn’t like what I saw. Event planners are doers, go-getters. Planners are pull-it-off-no-matter-what geniuses who eat constraints for breakfast. …

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