Navigating Pinterest for Event Pros

A Very Basic Guide To Navigating Pinterest for Event Pros

New to Pinterest? Here’s a brief overview of how it works and how it could work for your event business.

Pinterest has managed to turn everyone’s dream wedding board into a digitized mecca for extravagant DIYs. This incredibly visual site helps coordinators take their ideas from zero to hero and provide an endless supply of inspiration and new ideas. However, Pinterest can be overwhelming to the naked eye. Therefore, it is helpful to fully understand it to reap the benefits that it could bring to your creative side. 

When used correctly, Pinterest is way more than just a flood gate of recipes and eye candy. It is also an underrated social media site for universities and other organizations to show off unique products, facilities, or techniques that set them apart from competitors. However, this side of Pinterest is never really the first association when one hops on the site to find a new way to present peonies as a table setting.

Pinterest’s Edge

Pinterest offers an incredible edge over other media sites. Each thumbnail picture links to a company’s website through a particular URL, taking you directly to where you need to be to interact with a specific image. 

The site has come a long way from its initial start-up back in 2009. With the growth of AI and data modeling, the site can only benefit and grow the refinement of the content supplied to its users. With all of these application updates slowly reworking the app as we know it, we would like to offer some clarity to have you pinning like a pro in no time: 

Understanding the search function

Pinterest’s personal search algorithm offers users the most applicable content relative to their search query. The colored keyword suggestions which pop up as you type are the most common words associated with your specific topic. This helps users articulate their search when they aren’t sure what they’re looking for. This “smart” feed works to the advantage of digital marketers who can strategically associate their brand with user searches. 

Personalizing your boards: 

Whether it’s easy category names or personal references, it’s necessary to do it in a way that appeals to you and makes you easily discoverable to other pinners. 

If you’re a wedding coordinator, consider organizing your boards in colors such as topes, or neutrals, or pinks. This creates an easy all in one place to find your respective ideas when a bride gives you particulars. And if you’re thinking about using emojis in your board name, place it after the text as not to limit your exposure to the search engine function.

And don’t forget SEO optimization. If you’re a Maine wedding professional, create boards with keywords like “Maine wedding inspiration” or “Rustic New England Chic.” That way, your boards (and pins) can be found by people who need your services.

Board Descriptions are great notebooks: 

Depending on how many events you have simultaneously, consider adding in-the-moment ideas to your board description. Here, they are always accessible and applicable to a specific theme. This acts as a brilliant categorization tool for your ideas and assists in keep track of what you’ve done, what works, and what may not be too easy to implement. 

Client Collaboration

At ThymeBase, our event planning software is all about collaborating with clients. But Pinterest is an excellent client collab tool too. Many event designers create boards for each client to share inspiration, references, and ideas.

Decide on what you want from a board: 

Have a clear idea of whether you want to be a public Pinterest figure. Are your specialized boards for others to use? Or do you save them for your own private use?

Personal boards marked as private might be more suitable if you charge for your services and reserve your best material and inspiration. Alternately, becoming a Pinterest guru might require slightly more engaging content. If the latter is your plan, consider having attractive board covers to uniform your page and ensure each board has clear categories and enticing content for your follows to browse through. 

Pinterest may be the equivalent of online scrapbooking. However, just like on other social media sites, it is still all about branding. This branding is either for your company or yourself. Both require a sterling outcome and reputation, especially if they’re linked. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then consider Pinterest to be a visual dictionary.