Event Planning Software

It isn’t easy to define what event planning software is. But since we actually build event planning software, we probably should try, right? In this category, we’ll unpack all the types of software used in the event planning process and beyond. 

These articles will include everything you need to know about the software that will help you plan, manage, and execute events. That includes planning software, event management software, design software, and virtual event tools. It will also include non-event software that makes the lives of event professionals easier. 

Overall, we’ve broken down the event software industry into five key areas:

  • Bookings
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Engagement
  • Reports

I’ll define them below.

Event Booking & Sales Software

Everything from a client arriving on your site up to the moment they sign the contract and pay your invoice. Booking & Sales software provides contact forms, lead management, proposals, and invoicing.

Event Management Software

Event management includes the activities to create an exceptional experience: task managementevent timelines, seating, and event design. The software helps manage to-do lists, collaborate with vendors, and plan the decor. In other words, project management, but for events. 

Event Marketing Software

Event marketing software helps you get bums on seats. But absolutely useful when it comes to event marketing. Event marketing software helps sell tickets, register attendees, set up an event website, and track RSVPs. 

Attendee Engagement Software

Examples include check-in software and surveys, event mobile apps with up-to-minute event details, polling software, networking software, and more.


Whatever types of events you’re planning, a post-event review helps reflect, improve, and help with bookkeeping. Reports track expenses, check-ins, speaker engagement, return on investment, revenue, and sales.

Whatever your needs, reading the articles in the event planning software category will help you stay on top of the industry, and your workflow.

Events 4.0 A Digital Revolution In The Event Industry

Events 4.0. A Digital Revolution In The Event Industry

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Dogfooding: How We Use Our Own Event Planning Software

How The ThymeBase Team Uses Our Own Event Planning Software

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Virtual Event Template

Virtual Event Template For An Online Conference

This virtual event template will help you plan an engaging virtual event, even if you’re new to the digital conference space.  By now, everyone’s heard of virtual events, new normals, and similar phrases. A new vocabulary has entered our lexicon, and, well, whatever your feeling about live events, digital events are going to stick around. …

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Demystifying Image Files For Event Planners

Demystifying Image Files For Event Planners

Event planners share a lot of image files. Whether it’s in your portfolio, sharing inspiration, or for marketing purposes, here is the info you need to understand image files.  Understanding image files as an event planner will confer some advantages. Whether it’s making sure your images pop on The Knot, or emailing inspiration to clients, …

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Planning A Virtual Event

Planning A Virtual Event: Almost Everything You Need To Know

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