COVID-19 Event Professionals Report

COVID-19 Event Professionals Report: How COVID-19 Impacts the Lives of Event Professionals

Event planners who were impacted by COVID-19

About This Report

This report was compiled by us here at ThymeBase, an event planning software startup based in San Fransisco. 

I work closely every day with event planners, vendors, and other industry professionals. As events began to be postponed and then canceled, I heard anxiety, concern, and amazingly, confidence from the event community. 

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The more event professionals I spoke to, the more I wanted to share their resilience and optimism. So I did a series of interviews discussing the impact that COVID-19 has had on their lives.

I’ve collected their responses below for journalists and anyone else to use in articles of their own. You’re welcome to quote liberally from this report, but do give credit to both ThymeBase and the individual event professionals. 

Dean Levitt, Co-founder of ThymeBase Event Planning Software.

Report Contents

1. Jenna Phillips on Uncertainty in the Event Space

2. Mallorie Davenport on Staying Focused on the Long Term

3. Jac Bowie on Being There for the Community

4. Desiree May on The Importance of Good Client Relationships

5. Ryan Gac on Staying Positive

6. Rosa Espinosa on Pivoting to Design

7. Sarah Wade on Utilizing Event Skills To Help Others

8. Jenn Dugan on Finding New Ways To Work with Clients

About ThymeBase

ThymeBase was founded in late 2019 to create a useful and simple solution for event planners to manage and execute events from start to finish. The cloud-based software was designed after countless interviews with event professionals to capture their opinions and solve their daily needs. ThymeBase’s shareable timelines make inevitable pivots possible by keeping every event stakeholder automatically updated in real-time.

Born and based in San Francisco, ThymeBase’s team spans the world stretching from South Africa to Tel Aviv to Chicago