Mallorie Davenport

COVID-19 Report: Mallorie Davenport on Staying Focused on the Long Term

Mallorie Davenport

Owner & Principal Event Coordinator, Enchanted Designs Weddings and Events

Mallorie Davenport opened Enchanted Designs Weddings and Events in early 2019 after spending 10+ years in the wedding and event industry. She loves working closely with her clients to plan their dream event and makes sure their day runs flawlessly and stress-free!

…it’s kind of a crazy time.

Right now, I’m working with summer clients that are nervous because this thing just changes daily. We just don’t know what it’s going to turn out to be. So, we’re doing it, but it’s kind of a crazy time.

…everybody’s just waiting to see…

I think everybody’s just waiting to see what’s going on before they start booking vendors, even if they are in the fall or even next year right now because it’s been… It just feels like things have changed by the minute. And everybody’s really nervous. Everybody’s just very wary right now. Especially, with the planner side. You always need a photographer, you still need a venue. Everybody’s a standstill. At least that’s what it feels like.

Mostly I’m rescheduling, which is helpful. I know that I’m pretty lucky in that realm. There’ve been a lot of people that have gotten a lot of cancellations. Luckily, I’ve just had a couple of postponements. So we’ll work with them going into the fall or into next year. But it hasn’t been too bad for me. I know people who have had more struggles.

There’s going to be a lot of stuff where things are getting rescheduled, and you’re not going to have your original vendor. Or you already had your wedding in the fall, you’re now starting to schedule some of your vendors. And just trying to be out on the forefront of this and just be ready for when the time comes, hoping it’s sooner than later. 

I have a couple of June brides that we’re just not sure what’s going on, where there are venues that are not even starting to reschedule those people yet. Because they want to focus on the spring people, which I totally get. But it’s just… That’s kind of crazy.

…trying to get myself ready for when that time does pop…

I’m using this [free] time to just get on some different marketing sites and just trying to get myself ready for when that time does pop, and that does come. 

One, to work on the backend of my business, writing a lot of blog posts and [exploring] different things like Instagram, Facebook. I’m trying to get myself to a better place where I’m more consistent so that when I am busy again, I have the stuff ready to go.

I’m looking into some different marketing stuff. Unfortunately for some magazines or online services, they’re losing some business, so they’re running a lot of really good deals right now, which is great for me. Not great for them, but great for me, to where I’m thinking, okay, I can join the magazine, They’re running half-price deals, or they’re letting us defer payments until June if we start now.

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