Email Marketing Tools For Event Professionals

Email Marketing Tools For Event Professionals

The right email marketing tools can lead to a marked increase in revenue for your event business. Here are some top email tools out there.

This is the second in a series of tools for event businesses. You can read the first part here: Social Media Tools For Event Professionals.

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer in Massachusetts, sent the first electronic mail. By 1993 the word email replaced the term electronic mail, and today the average office worker receives 121 emails a day. We have come quite far from the first electronic mail to now. So why not use this common mode of communication to your advantage. 

We will be discussing a few platforms that facilitate the use of emails to connect with your customers and audience, drumming up a loyal following that will support your small business for years to come. 

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Bee helps you with the design of the email so that your emails can make a lasting impression and match your brand. Better than the generic-looking email that comes with the use of your email platform. With over 830 templates to choose from, there is something that will fit your small business’s brand and give you the designing edge. 

The designing options don’t stop at emails. Bee also provides more than 130 templates that can be applied to the website of your business. When it comes to design, eliminating the need for an external designer or even prior coding knowledge. 


MailChimp is a well-known and well-loved platform and is recognizable to many. And it has seen improvements and growth over the last few years. Like many email marketing tools, the focus is on combining multiple platforms to streamline the running of your business. 

The platform also helps your business reach the right people by automating your marketing with audience management tools. The platform even provides you with a marketing pro that will help take your marketing to the next level. 

Mail Tester

Mail tester is a valuable tool to integrate into your marketing plan. Don’t waste your time sending emails that will land in spam folders. In general terms, spam means unsolicited messages that are sent over the internet. I.e., spam emails – those pesky messages you didn’t even sign up for. Mail tester is there to combat the sending of your marketing emails to a spam folder. 

You test the “spamminess” of your email by sending your email to a generated spot. Then you receive a spam score which will indicate how far the reach of your marketing email will be. It will also show you how often it will be treated as spam.

Hemingway Editor

Writing can become tedious, and the pitfall of lengthy, wordy, unreadable emails is a real threat. The Hemingway app, while not technically an email marketing tool, aims to eliminate unnecessary words. It will improve the readability of the written sentences and improve the written piece overall. A nifty plugin to help with perfecting your emails, or any written work, really. The app color-codes different parts to edit. Overall, the Hemingway app quickens the process of writing and simplifies the message.


This may seem a little sketchy, but hear me out. Track the viewing of the emails you have sent. Streak allows you to see when your emails are opened and viewed. Streak organizes all the tracked emails in lists to make viewing the information stress-free and less confusing. You can also turn on the notifications to notify you as soon as your email is viewed. 

It is important to note that the email tracking can be turned on and off with the click of a button, so you don’t have to track every email you send, maybe only those that are important and need to be seen ASAP. 

Never Bounce

Having emails bounce back can make anyone’s heart rate spike. Especially if it is a crucial client-facing email. Never Bounce is a tool that ensures that the email lists that you are sending to are clean and viable. 

The platform verifies and validates customer emails, ensuring that the email addresses you are sending to are valid and in use. As a background service, Never Bounce cleans your email lists behind the scenes and ensures that you don’t have to do it yourself or worry about your emails’ reach. 


Last but not least…Signing off. Creating an on-brand signature to finish your emails adds a sleekness and air of confidence to the emails you are sending, but creating a signature can take time and effort. That is where MySignature saves the day. With templates to choose from that can help boost your brand, this email marketing tool elevates your business emails to the next level. If you have a single user, you will pay $4 per month. This includes an email signature that is viable across multiple platforms, an editor to tweak your signature, and the ability to personalize it with images or your logo.

With so many options, there are email marketing tools to fit your style and business. Looking at how far emails have come and what is possible when using them today, it is almost mind-boggling to think we used to use handwritten letters to send a message. Or phone calls.

And you know what pairs nicely with email marketing tools for your event business? Event planning software like ThymeBase. You can cut down on crazy-long email threads by moving client and team communication into ThymeBase and keep all your event info in one place.