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Event Marketing On Social Media: Make Your Event ‘Gram-able

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No matter what type of event you’re hosting, there’s a big opportunity to expand your event marketing on social media. What’s that? Make your event Instagram-able.

What do I mean by event marketing on social media? Well, you can encourage attendees to share your event on social media with a few Insta-worthy tricks. The more social sharing you promote, the more brand awareness you create – for free!

Try out these tactics to boost your presence on social media, spark engagement, and get more people talking about you.

Set the Scene For Event Marketing on Social Media

If you want people to share photos of your event, you need to help them take great pics. How? Dedicate a section of your space just for taking pictures and create an irresistible scene. Think of it as a photo booth, but unique to your event. Let people flex their selfie skills as they take advantage of the beautiful atmosphere you designed.

First, take the time to create a fun backdrop that sets the stage. This can be a plain color, a blown-up image or poster, or even a textured wall. Some popular backdrops can be made of materials like wood planks, flowers, plants, or glitter. You can also try and add your company logo (or that of sponsors!) in the backdrop somewhere. There are endless photo backdrop ideas online (thank you, Pinterest!) that are both cute and cost-effective.

In addition to a backdrop scene, consider providing props that align with your event so attendees can pose with them. You can create signs with custom words or phrases. Or, buy items that relate to your event theme – or are just plain fun! Fake mustache, anyone?

Just make sure you choose a space that offers decent lighting for photos and is unobstructed. Before you know it, people will be lining up to take a pic for Instagram!

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Promote a #Hashtag

At the entrance to your photo area, place a sign that advertises your unique event hashtag. That way, people will know to include it in their social posts.

Chances are the crowd is already tweeting and posting about the event on social media. Capitalize on this and guide the conversation to create a community online. You need to streamline their posts, so they link together online. Hashtags are the perfect way to do this. 

In your post-event communication, be sure to remind people about the hashtag so they can revisit the event and see what other attendees posted! A hashtag is also a great place to direct people to next year when you’re selling tickets and creating hype. 

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Don’t be Shy – Ask for Sharing

Sharing is caring. Never be afraid to ask your attendees to post about your event. That’s pretty much the basis of event marketing on social media. People love to broadcast (or brag) on social media when they’re at a special event. But that’s a good thing for you! Help your attendees feel exclusive and unique that they get to be a part of your attendance.

By giving them visual and verbal prompts like photo areas and hashtags, you’re influencing the narrative and encouraging people to share their positive feelings. That boosts your event’s reputation with the best form of advertising possible – referrals.

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Amanda Larson, CED, is a Certified Event Designer, marketer, and content creator. With a degree in journalism and special events management, Amanda has worked in marketing and events for both international startups and Fortune500 companies. She specializes in digital branding, copywriting, and graphic design freelancing for clients globally.

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