How to Build a Positive Reputation as an Event Business

How to Build a Positive Reputation as an Event Business

Building a positive business reputation is one of the core components of being a successful event planner. Revenue and competitive advantage will easily follow when your positive reputation precedes you. 

How can you build a positive reputation for your event business? Follow these tips to find out.

1. Network

According to research, 80% of business professionals find networking necessary to build career success.

Attending industry events provides face-to-face interaction to build strong relationships and presents opportunities. People aren’t going to learn about your business if you aren’t talking about it. Joining a local networking group and attending regularly allows you to develop your reputation as an expert. 

After attending a networking event, it’s vital to follow up with the people you met. Make sure you give out your business cards and get as many contacts as you can while you’re there. Consistency matters, and following up will keep you in the minds of others and establish trust.

2. Stay Educated

It’s always a great idea to stay informed about the latest trends, whether you’re in the wedding, catering, or venue industry. Knowledge is the key to success, and these industries are constantly changing with new trends. Consider attending conferences, workshops, and other educational events in your area. 

You can actively promote what you’ve learned so potential clients can see your professionalism and credibility within the industry. One way to take advantage of this is to update your blog and social media for people to stay updated on your passion.

3. Provide Quality Service

Continuously striving to provide quality service shows that your business is reliable and your team is hardworking. Never stop thinking of ways you can improve or expand on your services. If you started a new event business, this tip also helps gain more clients.

Customers will be happy to talk about your services online, and word-of-mouth can go a long way with gaining more clients. The more social proof you have, the more business you’ll retain, resulting in increased revenue. 

4. Get Noticed Through Reviews

Building a positive reputation is easy when happy clients post five-star reviews. Many prospective clients want to research competitors before they make a decision. It’s part of the customer journey in the buying process. 

Clients make decisions based on if they feel the business is trustworthy and if their services are excellent. Getting noticed through online reviews is part of an ongoing process, and you should build it in as part of your post-event task list.

Ask your clients to leave a review, and once they do so, take time to respond to show that you’re aware of what people are saying. It’s also imperative to build your positive reputation through other industry-related professionals. You can ask the people you network with to leave reviews for your business, especially if you’ve worked together. If you’re a caterer partnering with a venue, having that venue give you a testimonial will show other locations that you have a good track record. 

Often, other business owners understand the value of a review. Once they post it, be sure to return the favor and share your thoughts through your marketing channels.

5. Provide Memorable Experiences

Providing unique experiences is an excellent way of getting buzz. Go beyond the typical event structure and try adding one of these activities:

  • Classes
  • Special food tastings
  • Fitness activities
  • Paint nights
  • Demonstrations

For instance, some popular trends you’ll see are wine tastings, escape rooms, and cooking classes. Any one of these can turn a basic birthday party, company retreat, or wedding reception into a one-of-a-kind event. Once you create a lasting impression, you’ll be sure to stand out from the competition, and people will love you for it.

6. Build a Public Relations Strategy

Public relations is one of the greatest ways to establish trust for your business. When peers and potential clients notice your work through a third party, they perceive it much differently than traditional advertising.

Working with a third party that endorses your company provides validation. Consider working with bloggers who write about weddings, travel, food, and local events around town. They can introduce your business to their audiences and provide credibility. 

Search for bloggers in the surrounding area and hold a small event to show what you offer in exchange for an article on their blog.

7. Establish a Nonprofit Partnership

People love to support businesses that invest in their communities. Think about an organization you’re personally passionate about, and ask your team if they’d be interested in volunteering or sponsoring an event for it. 

People will hear about the good you do for the community. You might even meet potential clients during your volunteer work. Getting personally involved will show that you genuinely care and have a genuine investment in your community. 

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8. Post Livestreams

Give your prospective clients a front-row seat to showcase your event business in the act. Prospective clients want to know what’s happening behind the scenes, so take advantage of live-streaming if you’re using social media. 

Studies show that 80% of consumers prefer live videos over reading a blog. It’s a great way to engage your audience and show off your business. 

You can also build an excellent reputation by answering questions and offering helpful tips to others while you stream live. It’s beneficial to help others in business because it sets the stage for people to prefer you over the competition.

9. Take Care of Your Staff

Your employees are the foundation of your success. When they feel undervalued and mistreated, this transforms into poor client service. How many times have you called a customer service number and felt like the person on the other end had no interest in speaking with you? In contrast, happy workers are more likely to treat customers with respect, and they’ll genuinely care about the outcome. 

It’s also essential to think about job satisfaction. If employees feel like their job isn’t going well, they will share their experience with others. 

Treating your employees well isn’t just good for morale. It’s great for employee retention and serves your reputation within the community.

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Maintaining a Good Reputation

You can easily build your reputation by incorporating these strategies into your business processes. As a result, word-of-mouth will spread, and your event planning expertise will help your business take off. Decide which approach works best for you, and focus on that to build your clientele in no time.

Author Bio: 

Cora Gold is the Editor-in-Chief of women’s lifestyle magazine Revivalist, and she enjoys keeping up with the exciting world of event planning and hospitality. Follow Cora on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest for more life, style and home inspiration. 

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