How To Include The Bridal Party In The Wedding

How To Include The Bridal Party In The Wedding

Here are 3 simple ideas to include the bridal party and make them feel as special as they are to you. And add a sense of fun to the formality.

Being a bridesmaid or a groomsman can come as a massive privilege for some friends. Still, the responsibility is not to be underestimated with brothers and sisters and best friends all coming together to share in the celebration of love. So let’s look at how to include the bridal party in the celebration.

Do a first look with the bridesmaids

First looks with the groom are growing in popularity, so why not switch it up and show yourself all dressed up and ready for the “I do” to the bride’s girlfriends first. Not only does this capture genuine emotion in the first reveal of your beautiful dress, but it also makes for some fabulous photographs. 

This symbolic moment of showing oneself in the white dress brings reality to the moment. It grows the excitement of what is to come. This, of course, extends to the bride’s parents, who can also be out with the bridal party to witness your magnificent moment. The scene captures the intimacy of revealing the bride to those who have been there for her the most. It is even more symbolic that they are ready to give her away for this new phase of her life.

Get the groomsmen to hype him up about his beautiful bride

Light pushing, slight nudging, massive smiles and laughter, and even cracking inside jokes between the boys can all hype the groom up. This photo prompt is a winning tactic to create playful, high-spirited photos that contribute to the liveliness of the day and provide a humorous aspect to look back at and giggle. 

With the bride on the one side looking beautiful and poised and the stark contrast of the groom shyly smiling, a sense of honesty of the moment is created. This yet again presents a candid moment that can be laughed at in the future and vividly remembered.  

Bridesmaid and Groomsman entrance

You know how the arrival of the bride and groom into the reception area is well anticipated by the guests and can be lightened by using their favorite song? So can the entrance of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

As all the guests are seated in the beautifully decorated reception with a drink in their hand and spirits high, the partnered up bridesmaids and groomsmen can enter together, each doing their own unique dance moves. This acts as an ice breaker amongst the guests and the bridal party and arguably introduces the central theme of the reception, to party and celebrate the happy couple. This idea can be changed depending on your bridal party size or the unequal number of bridesmaids to groomsmen, but the principle stays the same. Whether it’s corny dance moves or formal arm in arm, their personalized entrance makes them feel just as important as they are to the couple. 

Again, this offers incredible photography opportunities and provides a glimpse into the couple’s lives together of laughs and smiles and being surrounded by those they love. It also will provide many a laughable memory in the wedding video.

Including the bridal party into the wedding day timeline will have everyone smiling from ear to ear from the beginning to the end. More importantly, it expands the bridesmaid and groomsman role beyond walking down the aisle, planning parties, and coordinating games. It makes it all worthwhile in the end and ultimately reassuring their importance in the union and the couple’s life together.

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