How to Plan an Unforgettable Regency-Inspired Wedding

How to Plan an Unforgettable Regency-Inspired Wedding

Love Bridgerton? Now you can plan a regency-inspired wedding from the bridal wear to florals to the music.

With most of the world still in lock-down or living under COVID-19 restrictions, it’s not surprising that many of us have turned to streaming services. They bring us entertainment, escapism, and comfort. After all, is there any better feeling than getting cozy on the couch and diving into a new, much-acclaimed series? Or even binge-watching an old, familiar favorite? I myself am on my fourth rewatch of Psych on Amazon Prime Video, a goofy procedural about a fake psychic detective and his best friend. 

I’ve also recently finished Netflix’s huge breakout hit and instant classic, the Regency-era period piece titled BridgertonProduced by the talented Shonda Rhimes, Bridgerton is a thing of beauty, from its beautifully bedecked ballrooms to its sumptuous costumes to its stunningly gorgeous cast. Set against the backdrop of Regency England, it’s a Downton Abbey meets Gossip Girl treat that people have been raving about. 

Sure, it might have some controversy (that problematic sex scene at the end of episode six). And it might not be the most historically accurate period piece available for consumption. But it has nevertheless enthralled viewers worldwide with a glimpse into the wealth, betrayal, scandal, and excess of the time. 

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A Regency-Inspired Wedding Trend

It’s no surprise that brides-to-be are starting to dream of a Bridgerton-inspired, Regency-themed wedding. Like the show itself, most brides aren’t going to want to have their entire day completely historically accurate to the Regency period (corsets? No thank you!). 

Still, there are beautiful touches that brides can include in their special day to make their wedding as sumptuous, as breathtaking as any Bridgerton episode. 

A Regency-Inspired Wedding Trend Thanks To Bridgerton

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Regency-Inspired Bridal Wear

Let’s start with the dress! In scene after scene in Bridgerton, we see Daphne, the heroine, dressed to impress in empire-waist, cap-sleeved, or short puffed-sleeved gowns that were so fashionable at the time, in gorgeous pastel shades of pale blue and lavender. Long silk evening gloves completed the ensemble for a night spent waltzing under the stars. 

Brides looking to channel their inner debutante can find their swoon-worthy Regency-style empire waist gowns from designers such as Amaré CoutureViktor&Rolf MariagePronovias, and Calla Blanche, among others.

For an authentic Bridgerton touch, look for subtle floral patterns to include – perhaps embossed or in lacework. The incredibly talented Ellen Mirojnick, who designed the show’s costumes, found many subtle (and, in the Featherington’s case, not so subtle) ways of including flowers in many gowns. For bridesmaid dresses, what could fit a Regency-inspired wedding better than simple floor-length, empire-waist gowns in soft, feminine shades like seafoam green, pale pink, and buttery yellow? Designers like Birdy GreyAllure Bridesmaids, and Belsoie Bridesmaids by Jasmine have got you covered. 

Regency Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

Not every bride will be brave enough to try to attempt Daphne Bridgerton’s wispy, middle-parted baby bangs when it comes to arranging their hair for the big day. But there are certainly enough hairstyles to try to emulate from the show. 

The Cut called the hairstyles in Bridgerton “a thing of glory,” and who can argue? Consider Lady Danbury and Cressida Cowper’s intricate updos to the Featherington girls’ titian curls or Marina Thompson rocking her natural hair in simple sweet styles. Or Daphne’s romantic ringlets and gorgeous accessories, featuring feathers, bows, and jewels. Any savvy hairstylist will be able to blend Bringerton’s classic creations with modern style for a result that is the best of 1813 London and 2021 in the contemporary world. 

Florals Can Be Regency-Inspired Too

Flowers play a huge role in Bridgerton, from creating picture-perfect scenery to stunning visual metaphors. It seems every scene has some kind of floral creation, adding sweetness and freshness to the show. 

The gorgeous purple wisteria hanging down from the Bringerton’s London townhouse would look stunning decorating a wedding arch. That and the cut-scene to raindrop drenched white roses in the season finale’s emotional climax are all the creation of Helen Byrne, the talented florist. She also worked on Netflix’s other much-talked-about period piece, The Crown

Brides can take inspiration from Bridgerton’s romantic blooms, whether they fancy the soft pastels the Bridgertons seem to prefer or the bright, cheerful yellows, fuschias, and greens the Feathertingtons love. 

Regency Decor And Event Design

And speaking of the Featheringtons and Bridgertons, though they couldn’t be more dissimilar in their decor choices, brides can find inspiration from either of the two families’ delightfully decorated interiors. The Bridgertons, an old-money family, had rooms decorated in subtle blues and creams, a favorite being Wedgewood blue. The Featheringtons, a much more grasping family by contrast, showcased mustard yellows and bold sherbert shades. 

We see nods to butterflies and bumblebees throughout the entire series, which would add a whimsical, romantic touch to otherwise exquisitely elegant events. Both families favor damask patterns for everything from wallpaper, bedspreads, and ball gowns.

Regency-Inspired Wedding Music For Weddings

I’ve saved the best for last, and it’s onto the one element of Bridgerton that I wish I’d had a chance to include in my own wedding – something that is so moving, so atmospheric, so beautiful that it actually gave me goosebumps: the music. 

If you felt your ears pricking up during the ballroom scenes in Bridgerton, thinking you definitely heard that tune before. Still, if classical music is not usually your thing, you’re not alone. One of the most effortless and yet effective elements in the series is its music. Specifically, it’s classical covers of modern-day hits by the amazing Vitamin String Quartet. Their streams have gone up 350% since the release of Bridgerton

Classic Twists On Modern Tunes

From a hauntingly sweet rendition of Maroon 5’s Girls Like You, which seems to capture all the excitement, anticipation, and bittersweetness a debutante at the time must have been feeling, to the moving, emotional strains of Shawn Mendes’ In My Blood, when Daphne shares a dance with the Duke of Hastings, the music makes us feel what the characters are feeling and transports us to a different time and place entirely.

It’s not just the Vitamin String Quartet’s songs featured on the show that would be great for a wedding. The quartet’s version of Hey Jude by The Beatles is absolutely something I’d walk down the aisle to if I had to do it all over again. Their frolicking, playful cover of Walk the Moon’s Shut up, and Dance would be a perfect first dance song for a couple who took the time to learn how to waltz. A couple spins across the dance floor to this music on your wedding day, and you’ll feel like the Duchess of Hastings herself! Let’s just hope that your first months of marriage will be a lot less trying but just as passionate. 

Wedding Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere, Even Netflix

It’s fitting that a show that focuses so much on love, romance, and marriage – and all the struggles, heartache, beauty, and blessings that come with all of that – is now inspiring brides everywhere to dream big for their weddings. And why shouldn’t they dream of a wedding just as beautiful as any Bridgerton ball? As Eloise Bridgerton said, “If you desire the sun and the moon, all you have to do is go out and shoot at the sky.” 

And of course, when planning a regency-inspired wedding, from the music to the florals, ThymeBase’s event planning software will help you, your clients, and every vendor stay on track.