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How To Save Money When Planning A Wedding

Want to know how to save money when planning a wedding? Well, today, we’re sharing a guest post from Sam, over at Mathews Weddings & Events.

Today’s guest post is from Sam, a wedding coordinator turned educator teaching brides how to plan their own wedding without hiring a coordinator. Her and her husband Dan share planning tips, how to stay organized in planning, and ways to cut costs when planning your dream wedding!

Sam Mathews from Mathews Weddings & Events.

Sam’s Tips On How To Save Money When Planning A Wedding

Chances are you’re stumped on how you can create your dream wedding on such a small budget. You decided on an amount you felt comfortable spending, but as you totaled up your projected expenses, you are feeling a bit confused as to how you can pull this off… Sound familiar?

I want you to do something for me. Take a deep breath because you are not alone. With all that goes into wedding planning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when money controls your decisions (or the lack of money).

You’re working a full-time job, have no extra time, sometimes little support, and wondering if our efforts will all be worth it for our dream wedding day. We’re in this together, so before you give up, read on! 

I’ve pulled together my top tips for cutting wedding costs! Because after so many hours of researching on Pinterest, we are still left feeling like we can’t swing it…This PDF will walk you through 10 easy ways to cut wedding costs without sacrificing your dream wedding. Who wants to look back and regret the decisions they made because they didn’t have enough money to pay for it?

But making those dream weddings happen? Yeah, I can get behind that. It’s time to stop letting your lack of $ keep you from the wedding day you envision.

10 Ways to Cut Costs When Planning A Wedding: 

1. Flowers

I know, this seems a little daunting at first, but this is the best way to save hundreds of dollars. SAM’s Club sells their flowers at wholesale prices. Bug your mom for her SAM’s membership and order dozens of your favorite flowers. Select only ones for the centerpieces or go all out and create a full arrangement. 

2. Printed Items

Invites, programs, and signage OH MY! At first, you think printed items are just the cost of invites, but no! After shower invites, save the dates, day of invites, programs, ceremony and reception signage, and thank you cards, the costs start adding quickly. Here is an option to cut costs! is a user-friendly graphic design site that allows you to create any invite and sign your heart desires. Take your jpeg or PDF to your local Officemax or Staples and get them printed for a fraction of the cost. Yay for saving money! If you don’t have time or don’t have a crafty bone in your body, visit Etsy for custom invites. 

3. Bridal Party Attire

Have you ever been in a wedding, and you were asked to wear a knee-length dress that didn’t quite compliment your figure? Spare your bridal party members the awkwardness of acting like they love what you picked out for them. Finalize your wedding color pallet and let them decide what they want to wear, obviously, within reason. Give them a few ideas and make sure you get the final say. This saves you money and ensures your bridal party members love what they wear.

4. Officiant

Although the cost of having an officiant isn’t high, it’s still an area to save. Think of someone who you would like to perform your ceremony and ask them. Let it be someone who would enjoy the honor of accepting that role, someone who knows you and your soon to be spouse, and someone comfortable speaking in front of people. If you choose this route, make sure at the Rehearsal that your chosen officiant practices their wording for all the transitions. This relieves any cringing moments stumbling over words.

5. Venue

One of the biggest ways to save money when planning a wedding is by cutting out the cost of a venue. BUT if not done correctly, the price of a backyard wedding can cost just as much as a venue would have charged. For example, will you need to rent chairs or tables, speaker systems, or heating units? If you are debating a backyard wedding, list everything you need to pull it off, the cost of those items, and compare prices. Do your research and crunch some numbers, and then you will know if it is beneficial to go this route and cut costs. 

Get the absolute best free Wedding Budget Template here.

6. DJ/Emcee

We have so much technology at our fingertips. Utilize that playlist for all it’s worth. Create a playlist for the prelude, recessional, cocktail hour, and reception. Have different songs that fit the vibe of the night and mix it up. Have a close friend be your DJ and Emcee. BUT make sure they do song transitions smoothly. (Fade outs, announcements, etc.) Write the wording for how they should announce different things! Example: “We hope you all enjoyed your meal. At this time, Shea and Isaiah are going to have their first dance. Please have a seat so we can all share in this moment of theirs”.

7. Hair and Makeup

You know your best friend standing beside you on your wedding day? Yeah, her, she is a master makeup artist in the making and can make you look flawless. Pinterest a few simple updos and have a hair trial day. There are so many hairstyles that you or a friend can do for no cost at all – just a little research and trial and error.

8. Dinner

If you think of your favorite meal, it is most likely made by someone you dearly love. Have a family friend make your reception meal for a fraction of what you would pay a caterer. Be sure they follow food handling and serving guidelines to ensure good health for all your guests.

9. Dessert

One of the best wedding cakes I have ever tried was a homemade Funfetti cake! No, not the one from a box. Our bride’s grandma made a 3 tier, frosted, dense, moist funfetti cake, and it was heavenly. Whether it be pies or desserts from family members or a cake bought.

10. Coordinator

Learn how to plan your own wedding with our DIY Wedding Guide HERE.

You Can Save Money When Planning A Wedding

Are your wheels turning on all the ways you can save money? You can almost take every aspect of your wedding day and make even the smallest changes to save.

Use these 10 ways to cut your wedding costs and stick by the amount you feel comfortable spending. Don’t forget, I’m in your corner cheering you on, and you deserve your dream wedding day within the budget you can afford.

Download the 10 Ways To Cut Costs PDF HERE.

I can’t wait to hear how much you saved by using these tips to cut costs. Let’s keep in touch.