How To Use Floriography To Create The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

How To Use Floriography To Create The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

A wedding bouquet can carry a deeper meaning unique to each couple’s relationship. So let’s explore floriography, the meanings of flowers.

By now, you already know that flowers have meanings attached to them. These meanings of flowers have a fascinating history, and we’ve laid it out in a previous post on our blog. If you haven’t read it yet, take a moment and take a peep. It’s called floriography, in case you’re wondering.

Flowers, in general, have always played an important role in the world, aesthetically, biologically (bees do indeed love them), and even symbolically. Flowers have made an appearance in many artworks, novels, and movies. They have even made impressive appearances in the works of some well-known and distinguished authors, such as Ophelia by Shakespeare or Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. They have been referenced for centuries. 

You may know of the meanings of a few very well-known flowers, probably the red rose. But the task of creating a wedding bouquet that encompasses a whole message, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. Giving a single red rose to carry across the message of true love has been done every valentine’s day for quite some time, but how do you portray your client’s love as innocent and pure? Or that the couple has vowed to love each other until the end of time? Thats what we’ll be discussing today, as well as a few more ideas. We’ll look at how to incorporate floriography into the wedding and maybe help your couple share this special message with the rest of those gathered there to celebrate. 

Red Rose, Orange blossoms, and Ivy

A wedding bouquet of Red Rose, Orange blossoms, and Ivy

Using the classic red rose as your base to convey true love, you can build around it with orange blossoms for eternal love. Add ivy leaves for a long-lasting relationship to fill out this simple yet impactful bouquet. 

If your clients want to add a little something to their wedding bouquet, maybe throw in a few fern fronds to mention the magic of this moment. Tucking a buttercup or two into the mix to tell the bride she is looking radiant might be a sweet touch. 

You now have a wedding bouquet that says, ‘you are my true, eternal love; our relationship is filled with magic, and to top it all off, you look radiant on this magical day.’ 

A stunning sentiment, is it not? 

Crocus, Daisy, Lilac, and Baby’s breath

A wedding bouquet of Crocus, Daisy, Lilac, and Baby's breath

If the couple is more inclined towards shades of purple with splashes of white, you can create a bouquet that speaks of new beginnings. 

Consider a crocus for youthful glee, a daisy for innocence, a lilac for first love, and sprays of baby’s breath to add an airy element of purity and innocence. This bouquet speaks of the new adventure upon which the happy couple is embarking.

Honeysuckle, Eucalyptus leaves with Baby’s breath.

A wedding bouquet of Honeysuckle, Eucalyptus leaves with Baby's breath.

As many an experienced couple will tell you, the strongest relationships are often built on a foundation of friendship. That is why a bouquet attesting to this fact is so wonderful. Use honeysuckle for devoted affection and include eucalyptus leaves to strengthen the bond of friendship. When Baby’s breath makes another appearance, the message of innocence and purity in the friendship can be added. 

What better bouquet is there when your clients are best friends now tying the knot? 

A Bunch of Tulips

Although this may not technically count as a full-fledged wedding bouquet. The meaning behind these flowers is simple yet so potent. It feels almost wrong to combine them with anything else. Tulips simply mean ‘you occupy my thoughts.’ What other message could you possibly want to convey on the day that your clients agree to live forever together? 

Orchids, Ferns, and Baby’s breath

To tie off the list of ideas for possibilities, we’ll include orchids for beauty and elegance, ferns for magic, and baby’s breath, once again, for purity and innocence.

This creates a bouquet that speaks to the beauty of innocent adoration and simple elegance. 

The Endless Possibilities Of Floriography In Event Design And Magic

Of course, these are only a few ideas to discuss when planning a wedding. Each flower has multiple meanings that the world and centuries of use have already assigned. Each person Also brings their own personal meaning into the mix. 

Investing in a guide is an excellent place to start. Be it using a beautifully illustrated guide, like that of the artist Jessica Roux or an encyclopedic version, like that of author-artist Cheralyn Darcey, you have a few centuries of knowledge that you can delve into.  

Speaking of artists, they may be the perfect solution to incorporating the language of flowers into your business or into a wedding. Work with a stationer to create a flipbook with beautiful illustrations to portray the meaning of the different flowers to your clients. Having an artist illustrate small cards with an image of the bouquet or flowers present at the wedding is also an engaging way of having the guests join in on the secret message. It also has the added bonus of doubling up as decoration and even a wedding favor. 

There is no end to what could be done. The world of flowers is your oyster. Or should I say your garden? Play around and see what you can come up with.