Life as an events management student

Life As An Events Management Student

Here at ThymeBase, we often interview event professionals at the pinnacle of their craft. Our event planning software is inspired and motivated by their dedication. But what about those just starting out on their event industry careers? Well, we’re equally inspired by them too. That’s why we asked an events management student to share her thoughts on entering the space.

Nyomi Rose - Event Management Student
Nyomi Rose

I am Nyomi Rose, an aspiring #eventprof studying at Manchester Metropolitan University in Events Management. Life as an events management student is just as busy as a full-time event professional. However, I am also tasked with the added daily seminars, lectures, and a never-ending to-do list.

Why Study Events Management?

I chose to study events management at university and was impressed by the variety of topics you study within the course. In my first two years of university, I have studied an array of aspects in events management from law for events professionals, human resource management, marketing, business events, event consultancy, accounting, live events, and digital operations. And that’s just in two years! 

This is precisely why I choose to study events management. I didn’t want to finish my studies and head down a narrow path with no opportunities to develop my career. I have been able to dabble in all areas of events management, which has contributed tremendously to my development. As we are all aware, the world of work has completely changed from the last decade. You can hop between different roles, career paths, and locations, all within the industry.

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Nyomi Rose - Event Management Student

A Misunderstood Field Of Study

Not many people understand the importance of the events industry to our economy and the general desire and want humans have to meet others. The events industry is the fastest-growing sector within the global economy, and events are the most powerful way to bring like-minded people together to learn, inspire, and collaborate. 

Events management can often be difficult to explain to non-event profs. I’ve noticed that through conversation with a variety of people from all walks of life. When I mention I’m an events management student, the questions and disbelief that it is an actual degree are surprising. Many people feel the course is a dropout degree; well, they are incorrect. Events Management is not a course where you just turn up to the lectures and seminars and the jobs done. There is so much more work to do outside of the degree.

The events world is a forever changing and adapting industry, which we are all discovering now as we have moved from live events to virtual and hybrid events! With any course you study, you get what you put in, so make the most of your network and resources available.

My professional development is so important to me, starting my career as an event professional. I would love to share my insights as a student and how I am taking back the power of my degree. 

Social Media is your BFF

Utilising your social media is vital in the events industry, whether you are a freelancer or work within a company. Raising your visibility in the industry builds credibility and demonstrates your passion for events. I run my own events management blog on Instagram (Follow me on whatnyomidoes), which has been instrumental in connecting with like-minded event professionals.

You can connect and meet talented individuals on social media. Many provide informative advice and support you with your events journey. I have found this particularly useful – the events industry is all about collaboration, and I have been able to virtually meet some wonderful #eventprofs. We all have new and creative ideas to share with our network. 

LinkedIn is my go-to site for connecting and sharing industry-related posts and content. I aim to post daily, connect with other #eventprofs, and comment on posts I find inspirational! The LinkedIn algorithm is interesting, to say the least. Sometimes you need to switch your content up with infographics, text, videos, and resharing posts.

Instagram and Twitter are great platforms for meeting #eventprofs and staying up-to-date with event industry news and insights.

Facebook is another great outlet to join inspiring groups. For example, I am involved in ‘The Delegate Wranglers,’ ‘Get Ahead In Events’, and ‘#eventprofs for change.’ These groups are run by experienced professionals and have great speaker insights, where you can share and explore new initiatives and ideas.

Nyomi Rose - Event Management Student

Get Out There!

The most essential aspect of being an events management student is to get hands-on experience in events. As great as connecting with other people is, starting a new blog and sharing amazing content is critical to gain experience in events!

Before I went to university, I worked as a part-time events assistant at the John Smith Stadium in Huddersfield, where I traveled around the UK working at events. My early event career has been wonderful. I’ve worked at the RHS Chelsea Flower Garden Show, Royal Ascot Racecourse, York Mansion House, and Gala Dinners for the RAF in Cosford. 

I now live in Manchester in the UK, where events happen left, right and centre. So I get involved in everything I can because, why not? I reach out to event organisations to see if they need support with any events they have coming up in the area. I’m lucky to have a dedicated events management team at university who connect us with event companies in a range of events to propel our career in events management. 

Grasp Opportunities

I have had opportunities to work onsite at incredible events. I volunteered for the AI Tech North almost a year ago and fast-forward-to-now; I’m an events coordinator for the team!

I have been able to gain insight into an artist liaison role from working at Off the Record Festival in Manchester – an event that celebrated local music in the city. It was my first time working at a festival like this. It increased my confidence in working with artists and managing AV equipment. 

I worked at the E-commerce and Tech Show North, where I supported the two-day B2B exhibition. I gained insight into how an exhibition runs and how to liaise with speakers at the event.

Anyone wanting to go into the events industry must have experience in working at events. The only way to climb the events ladder is through experience and lots of it!

The Ability To Learn Is A Skill For Events Management Students

I have always loved learning. You can learn anything, and with the amount of opportunity available. You just can’t turn it away (well, I can’t anyway). On my events management blog, I try to learn one new thing a week to boost my confidence and credibility in the industry. I am on a constant exploration to learn new things. And you can always expand on your knowledge in a particular aspect of events management.

As an events management student, it is critical to read from academic experts in events. But take it one step further to examine event companies’ blogs, activity. And the way they brand themselves is important to recognise too. 

So, What Next For An Events Management Student?

Life as an events management student is thrilling. We are in an exciting industry full of new insights, technology, innovation, and experiential event opportunities. I always seek new opportunities and experiences in the events industry to work with like-minded people passionate about creating unforgettable experiences.

Whether you are studying or thinking of taking up events management, you must be prepared to dedicate your time to learn and experience the industry. The events industry is full of engaging people who all want to support and empower you to be the best possible #eventprof.

My three takeaways so far in the events industry are to connect, inspire, and aspire!

Best wishes, and thanks for reading. 

Nyomi Rose

Find me on Instagram and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Thanks, Nyomi, for the great insight into your world. For those interested in learning more about starting a career, take a look at ThymeBase’s Event Planning 101: A Guide For New Event Planners in 2020 and tips for new planners from an expert.