Meet Evie - A Virtual Wedding Assistant

Meet Evie – A Virtual Wedding Assistant

Did you know there was a virtual wedding assistant? I didn’t until I spoke to Chanda Wirtz, the editor of Every Pretty Detail Magazine. 

Chanda was exploring ThymeBase’s event planning software when she realized that some things were missing. So she wrote in, saying, “there are some features I wish it had, and I would love to give you feedback.

Now, I absolutely LOVE emails like that because it’s an excellent opportunity to learn something new. David and I jumped on a call with Chanda, where we discussed event software, farm life, and EPD Magazine

Meet Chanda Wirtz of Every Pretty Detail

Chanda Wirtz, the Owner, Lead Designer, and Editor-in-chief of The Every Pretty Detail Magazine, is a Montana native and resource to the area. She brings true Montana values to both the firm and publication.

She’s also the owner of Every Pretty Detail – a luxury wedding production firm and wedding magazine that is deeply rooted in the heart of Montana and is proud to be a leader in one of The Top 25 Destinations in the world to be wed. 

Every Pretty Detail offers full-service planning, in house florals, and authentic Montana experiences to their clients. Their team believes in the every detail every time philosophy and is booking exclusively through referral and their website

They seek clients with creative flair, an eye for luxurious settings, and longing for epic Montana adventure. Every Pretty Detail is a consecutive year recipient of Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice Award. This year, they were voted the 2020 Best of Bozeman Award for best wedding planners. 

The Every Pretty Detail Magazine’s mission is to streamline the Montana wedding industry by maintaining a magazine that adheres to an authentic Montana ethic. They strive to create a beautiful publication that educates and inspires brides, showcasing trusted and professional vendors, and connecting couples to them seamlessly. 

Check out their Instagram accounts: @every_pretty_detail & @everyprettydetailmag

Well, on to my review of Evie, the virtual wedding assistant.

Meet Evie – A Virtual Wedding Assistant

Below is only a transcript. Watch the video above to be truly wowed by Evie 🙂

I’d like to introduce you to Evie. Evie is a virtual wedding assistant, and I’ll show you what Evie looks like in just a second. But before I do, I want to give you a little bit of background. A few weeks ago, we reached out to an event planner in Montana.

And her name is Chanda and is the founder of Every Pretty Detail. And she’s also the founder of Every Pretty Detail Magazine. Chanda took a look at ThymeBase, and she sent us that’s really lovely feedback and had some very kind things to say. But she also mentioned that she wanted to share some suggestions and that’s awesome.

So, I got on a call with Chanda, and we chatted about where we think ThymeBase should go, what she needs. We also talked about how her corner of Montana between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone is in the top 25 of all wedding destinations. The quality of the vendors and the suppliers out there in Montana is actually really exceptional. And that brings me to Every Pretty Detail magazine, also founded by Chanda. And I’ll show you here how absolutely stunning this magazine is.

A Conversational Interface

I mean, just absolutely pretty breathtaking stuff. As you can see here, Evie is your personal virtual wedding assistant. And she connects you to talented Montana wedding vendors through a conversational interface.

Evie is a chatbot if we’re going to be techie about the whole thing. But I think considering and thinking of it as a conversational interface is a charming way to look at it. And you can see here that Evie’s design is really cool, and Chanda has infused the whole chatbot with just this wonderful personality.

We’re going to look at Evie, your virtual personal wedding assistant, who connects us to talented Montana wedding vendors through a conversational interface.

First thing down here at the bottom of the EPD magazine, we’re going to meet Evie. So, we’ll click get started, and here she is. She’s going to ask us if it’s our first time or if we’ve chatted before and we’ll select first time.

And now what’s going on is Evie is just telling me a little bit about herself. She’s an automated wedding assistant. And the whole point of this is to quickly connect me to vendors in Montana. And once I’m connected to a vendor, once Evie makes a recommendation that I like, I’ll just jump to that vendor’s site.

You’ll see how easy it is to book an appointment with a vendor. So, let’s rock it.

Booking A Consultation With Vendors

I’m going to look at photography because I think photography is a gorgeous art form. You can see here, Evie says, first looks, dramatic skies, and unforgettable backdrops. And that character is infused throughout the experience. It’s so lovely how Chanda’s designed this chatbot to be such fun.

So we’re looking at Notarius Photography, and if we tap it, it’s going to take us to their site. Still, we’ll look around. We’ve got Marissa Lambert Photography and more vendors this way, where we can look at additional photographers, which I’m going to do. So here we go. We get more recommendations.

Let’s look at Jesse Moore Photography and look at that we’re right here in Jessie Moore’s chatbot. How freaking cool is that? 

And we get to learn a little bit about her. And we can go and visit her website right there. I mean, this is, this is just super cool. Here we are at Jessie Moore’s Photography, and we can see portraits, weddings, and commercial. Brilliant. 

Let’s go back to photographers and look at more photos. Yes, please. Let’s go look at Notarius and look at this. So now we’re in Notarius Photography. Oh, my God. Look at that picture. Wow. That’s stunning. Wow. So, we’re in this gorgeous landing page. Here’s the key thing about Evie, and you’ll see it right here. It’s all about getting to that conversion really quickly.

Streamlined Process

And that’s something that every event professional needs – is streamlining that process. So, getting someone seeing your work and booking that consultation as fast as possible. And if we look at this experience, I’m going to scroll up a little bit. I mean, we get to see a breathtaking photo that I can zoom into.

I get to learn about the photographer, and I get to book a consultation fast. And that is just fantastic. It’s an entire conversion funnel or sales funnel just squished into an enjoyable and fun experience. We can book the consultation. Let’s just click that and see what happens. I hope we don’t mess up their stats.

But look at that, we now get to actually engage and complete the booking process right here in this chatbot. 

It’s The Character That Makes The Virtual Wedding Assistant Special

The coolest thing apart from the fact that this is really optimized for conversions is the really fun character of Evie, and I kind of want to hang out. So, let’s go look at planners. Wedding planners are the best. Of course, we’re going to look at Every Pretty Detail because that’s Chanda, who we’re talking about, who built the bot and, and Chanda is awesome. She has planning background and tech background and, she’s one of our heroes over here at ThymeBase.

We think she’s amazing. We get to learn about the luxurious settings, creative flair, and we can visit the website. So, let’s go pop over there as the final thing we’re going to do because Chanda built this awesome tool, and I want to talk about Chanda. So here we are at Every Pretty Detail. Chanda is an expert negotiator, brilliant critical thinker, and collected multi-tasker, which I think is pretty evident. And she is the owner and founder of, and, and editor of Every Pretty Detail Magazine.

I think we’ve got a pretty good idea of Evie and that awesome chatbot. I hope you found that interesting. Cheers.

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