Pandemic Planning For Your Wedding During the Coronaviruste & Keith Photography

Pandemic Event Planning During the Coronavirus with Kate & Keith Photography

Pandemic event planning is a whole different ballgame, whether you’re using event planning software or not. Luckily, I found an excellent video and blog post I wanted to share with everyone. I think it’s worth a watch. I’ll also add some excerpts below.

Kate and Keith are luminary wedding photographers based in New England. I’ve known Kate since I booked her to do my first ever headshot, oh so many years ago. I still use the shots when I’m feeling spry. 

I’m going to chat a little more about their fantastic event planning tips below, first, click below to watch their video.

YouTube video on event planning during a pandemic
Click to watch the video

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Event Planning is already stressful

“Even for the most chill of couples, wedding planning comes with little bits of stress here and there. The last thing you need to add to that is a worldwide pandemic!”

Kate & Keith Photography

According to CareerCast, event planning is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Seriously. Whether you’re an event pro, or a planning your own event, managing stress is the first key to surviving a pandemic.

Keep on Planning

“Even if it weren’t for the Coronavirus, you’d still be contemplating things like, “What happens if it rains?” No real need to make any decisions until closer to your date (say a month out), but start thinking about what things look like should you decide on an alternative date.”

Kate and Keith suggest you keep on keeping on. Despite everything being on hold, you can still chisel plan. That means covering your plan B and C.

Postponing and rescheduling tips

Look, go watch the video if you haven’t already. Our photographer heroes cover a ton of ideas around rescheduling, but my favorite one is this:

“Consider non-Saturday dates to maximize availability.”

We’re hackers here at ThymeBase – the right kind – and this is precisely the type of hack we can get behind. It’s innovative thinking. 

By the way, I wrote an article about making sure Google knows that an event is postponed. Take a look!

What about event insurance?

I’ve heard horror stories of event insurance not paying out, but Kate and Keith mention some more comprehensive options. No one likes contemplating it, but the peace of mind alone is worth it, in my opinion.


“You’ve chosen to celebrate and share your love. We could all use that energy now more than ever.”

I agree with Kate and Keith here. In the worst times, light is all the more needed. Your clients, and their friends, and family, could use some upliftment. So they recommend celebrating in some small, personal ways. So instead of celebrating through an event, celebrate yourselves with a treat. You deserve it. 

Kate and Keith are a Maine husband and wife wedding photography team. They enjoy traveling and make it as easy as possible for you to bring us along as your destination wedding photographers. They say that your wedding is extremely important to them. Almost as important as it is to you!

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