Pop-Up Weddings

Pop-Up Weddings: A Sweet Solution for Couples who Can’t Wait to Tie the Knot

We’ve all heard of pop-up stores or product launches, but pop-up weddings? Yes, it’s a trend we’ll be seeing in 2021 and beyond.

With Valentine’s Day just a few days ago, love is in the air in a big way. Especially for couples that are looking forward to walking down the aisle and exchanging their wedding vows. 

Pop-Up Weddings: A Sweet Solution for Couples who Can’t Wait to Tie the Knot
Photo by Lauren Rader

Life Has Changed Post-COVID, But Love Has Not

I can’t help but feel a lot of empathy for couples who got engaged shortly before or during the COVID-19 pandemic. Planning my own wedding was such a fun experience. I did the traditional things that go along with it – shopping for the wedding gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses, going in person to look at venues, planning a fun stag, and hen do. All these things look different in the wake of a pandemic that’s had the world in its unforgiving grasp for over a year.

But life doesn’t stop, and neither does love. People are still falling in love, getting engaged, and dreaming of their big day. Many couples have chosen to put off their wedding until a time when they’ll be able to fully realize the big event they’ve always wanted. And while many countries have begun a vaccine rollout, it’s doubtful whether people who put off their weddings in 2020, hoping that 2021 would mean a reprieve for restrictions, will be able to have their dreams realized in 2021 in some places as well. It’s enough to make any bride or groom-to-be more than a little frustrated. This time should be one of the most exciting and happy ones of their lives, but it’s hard to stay positive when you’re met with roadblock after roadblock on your way to the altar.

Pop-Up Weddings Are A Solution Within A Trend

However, a new trend emerging in North America could have the perfect solution: pop-up weddings. It seems that some venues in Canada are taking advantage of Valentine’s Day’s romance to help couples on their way to wedded bliss – and help themselves generate some business along the way.

So what exactly are pop-up weddings? Usually, it’s when two or three vendors get together to offer a cohesive service. In one case, a hotel in Richmond, British Columbia, has partnered with a local event planner and a partner agency to offer weddings specifically tailored to abide by pandemic restrictions. These pop-up weddings are perfect for counties with 10-person capacities. The package includes the venue, with a choice of a grand ballroom or outdoor courtyard, a bridal suite for the day, hotel room discounts, flowers and decor, and event planning and day-of coordinating. Plus an officiant for the wedding.

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Pop-Up Weddings Are An Alternative To Elopements

While such a whirl-wind wedding might seem a little nerve-wracking for some, I can’t help but think that pop-up weddings are going to be, well, “popping-up” a lot more frequently, and not just due to COVID-19. 

It seems like these pop-up, all-inclusive weddings would be the perfect answer for the couple who has no desire for a large wedding with all of their far-flung relatives. It also seems like a great way for wedding planners to reach out to clients with hectic schedules. And while I’m sure eloping will still appeal to more adventure-seeking couples, pop-up weddings seem like a perfect merging of the spontaneity of elopement and the tradition of typical wedding ceremonies.

Build The Offering With Trusted Vendors

Savvy wedding and event planners can adopt this trend by reaching out to trusted vendors they have a good relationship with to see if they’d be willing to partner up with them to offer this new product. They should also think about how to market this to prospective brides and grooms. Not just during the wind-down of COVID-19 but also as a new alternative and opportunity for couples looking to save money and keep things simple. 

I’m excited to see what this trend means for the future of weddings and how event planners will embrace it to keep up with the changing times. And even a pop-up wedding needs a detailed day-of timelineclient collaboration, and teamwork.