Social Media Ad Tools

Social Media Ad Tools For Event Professionals

Are you thinking about advertising your event business on social media? Well, here are some top social media ad tools out there.

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In 2021, the average person is exposed to between 6,000 and 10,000 adverts every day. I don’t know about you, but that is an alarming number to me.

So, if people are bombarded by ads, and they do indeed seem to work, why not utilize them when it comes to your own small business or company? But the question is how?

How do you get your social media ads out there, make them eye-catching and have them attract the right kind of customer or client? 

Today, we will discuss a few tools and platforms that can answer all these questions and make your life a little easier. And since we’re talking tech for event pros, check out these articles:

And I can’t help but mention ThymeBase’s event planning software as a tool in any event pro online toolkit. Now, let’s get to it!

Facebook Ads

Facilitated by Facebook for Business, this is a nifty tool if your central place of business is Facebook. Easy to use and intuitive, this is a handy way to grow your audience and your reach. And boost your sales and service demand. 

Creating a Facebook ad is relatively easy. You pick an objective, select an audience and then pick the spot where you want to run your ad. A budgeting schedule area helps keep your spending in check and removes the risk of exceeding your expense allotment. 

You have quite a lot of freedom when it comes to your ads as you choose the format. You only have to design an ad you would like to place and let Facebook do the rest.


I think AdEspresso is one of the better social media ad tools out there. They offer a smoother, easier way to create and manage ads online.

AdEspresso supports Instagram, Google Ads, and Facebook, which means that you can create one ad, keep it in one place and use it across multiple platforms. 

Since everything is happening in one place on this platform, you can create the ads and manage them simultaneously. They include an analysis of ad performance across the different platforms. These analytics allow you to change and improve your ads to appeal to the correct audience and attract the clients that you want. The amount you can achieve on AdEspresso is impressive and a good option for those who use multiple platforms to market their event brand. 


Yala does something a little different from the other social media ad tools in this article. Rather than managing ads, Yala is all about ad design. It’s a fun, simple way to very quickly create stop motion video ads that are perfect for Facebook and Instagram ads. I think Yala works particularly well for event businesses because of its visual nature. Event pros tend to have gorgeous imagery just waiting to be spruced up with animation.


This is a social media marketing product that takes your post and sends it to the network of users and influencers the platform has built up and allows it to grow and advertise itself through the medium of networking. Plus, if you want an active social media feed yourself, you can source content here.

You can monitor and view the number of shares your content has received, growing your algorithm and improving your views based on shares and mentions by others. It is a pricey platform to use, and they have specific areas of interest that they scan your content for. Still, the list of categories is a mile long, so the risk of having your content not match a category of interest is low. An attractive, more organic way of spreading the news about your business. 

Google Ads

Although technically not a social media ad tool, including Google Ads probably does not surprise. An effective way of driving traffic to your website, increasing calls, and improving sales and revenue. You and your budget decide the payment for these ads, making it more cost-effective than a set amount. With neat guides and learning opportunities, this is a solid choice if you want your ads to be displayed on google rather than social media platforms. 

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is all about organic keyword searches and organic growth. This product gives you a direct insight into the searches made by your customers. That means you can structure your social media marketing around the questions and needs of your audience. So if you’re ever unsure of what content to put out on social media, why not answer questions that you know people are asking.


The world of small businesses is a dog-eat-dog world out there, with many competitors and tough competition. Getting to know your opponent and what works for them is a nifty way of coming out on top of the game. SpyFu is the answer to all your competitive worries. 

Using this social media ad tool allows you to see all the keywords your competitors have bought. You get the chance to be a real-life spy, check up on your competitors, and ensure that you are ahead of the bunch. 

There are many alternative platforms to these mentioned above. The trick is to find the one that fits your small business and brand perfectly. Hopefully, this serves as a starting point and inspiration for what can be achieved with the right tools.