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This page is a curated collection of articles on event tech for event pros by event pros. It’s the perfect place to learn from experts, like your fellow vendors, and get inspired.

At ThymeBase, we build event planning software, and so we need to keep our fingers on the pulse of tech in the event space. But event tech isn’t just the latest software or mobile app. Event tech is about how event professionals interact with the digital world to create memorable, magical events. And that could indeed mean new event-specific software. But we also discuss existing non-event software that helps event pros deliver better experiences for their clients. 

Marc Andreessen famously said, “Software is eating the world.” And the event industry is no exception. The event industry has been inundated with new technology, including productivity, planning, and design. Of course, the big one is virtual event tech which is now a significant part of the “new normal.”  

However, what’s new isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to event pros. Technology impacts our lives in so many ways. So we also talk about how to use digital tools for our benefit. We share tips on using event tech and sometimes how to avoid technology, so your event business and work-life are enhanced, rather than overwhelmed. 

My top 5 event tech articles:

You could just browse the articles, and I’d definitely recommend that sometime, but you can also use the blog’s search bar to look for specific keywords. Or you can reach out to us here at ThymeBase and ask. The team is always happy to talk about events and help you find relevant articles. And if we don’t have anything suitable, we’ll reach out to our community of pros to find some great tips.

Event Planning Software Disobedience

Event Planning Software Disobedience: 4 Rules We’re Breaking

Event planning software should serve event planners. But I believe there is a cold aloofness, an inauthenticity, to the available options. When we first started designing ThymeBase event planning software, I took a look at the other guys and didn’t like what I saw. Event planners are doers, go-getters. Planners are pull-it-off-no-matter-what geniuses who eat …

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