The Top 5 Wedding Industry Trendsetters

The Top 5 Wedding Industry Trendsetters

Who are the wedding industry trendsetters? This list may vary from people to publications to platforms, but all of them sway the industry and set trends for future brides everywhere!

Weddings may be timeless, but the themes, decorations, and even destinations all change year after year. Why? Trends. Wedding trends evolve just as quickly as any other industry. What’s in one year is out the next. In 2017, weddings were adorned with vintage flair and handcrafted elements. But come 2019, velvet and flower walls (built for Instagram) took the scene. So, where do these trends come from?

Here are five of the top wedding industry trendsetters. 


Wedding Industry Trendsetters - Brides Magazine

No, not the brides themselves. We’re talking about Brides, the magazine – both print and digital. For over 86 years, the publication Brides has been the leader in, well, brides! Their site has posted 10,000+ articles offering expert advice and picture-perfect inspiration. It attracts over 4M monthly readers and is run by award-winning editors, writers, and wedding experts. If anyone knows the latest trends, biggest crazes, and must-have wedding elements, it’s Brides. Naturally, you can find them across social media for daily inspiration at @brides.

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The Knot

Wedding Industry Trendsetters - The Knot

If you don’t follow @theknot yet, you’re missing out. The Knot is a wedding industry powerhouse because they’re a jack of all trades but master of all too. Offering wedding tools, a vendor directory, a wedding website builder, invite printing services, and more, The Knot is a bit of everything. As you can imagine, their influence over the industry is vast. Like The Knot, Wedding Wire deserves a notable mention since it offers many of the same services. It so happens that they merged in 2019 as The Knot Worldwide.

Style Me Pretty

Wedding Industry Trendsetters - Style Me Pretty

Topping the wedding industry trendsetters blog category, Style Me Pretty is a leader in wedding industry trendsetting. It’s a site designed for the modern bride. Still, it certainly appeals to the masses with classic pastels, timeless decor, and beautiful inspiration. Like the others on our list, Style Me Pretty offers resources, vendor matching, e-commerce items, and more. Find them at @stylemepretty.

Vogue (aka Celebrities)

Covering celebrity and royal weddings alike, leave it to Vogue to declare many of the season’s wedding trends too. This famous magazine is the foundation of fashion, but it also has merit when it comes to the wedding industry. Vogue is the go-to publication to learn about celebrity weddings. While their budget might be out of this world, these famous celebrity and millionaire wedding set trends for the rest of us. Via Vogue Weddings (the category on their website), you can marvel at a millionaire Hindu wedding in Santa Monica while finding out where to elope to during the COVID era. 

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Instagram & Pinterest 

We couldn’t leave these two platforms off the list.

With nearly 190M posts including #wedding, Instagram itself is undoubtedly a wedding industry trendsetter. Accounts dedicated to weddings attract millions of followers, not to mention the infinite Instagram influencers within them. Like celebrities, Instagram influencers can set trends from one post of a flower arrangement, a tablescape, or a unique wedding cake. To pick up the latest trends, broaden the type of accounts you follow with florists, event planners, rental companies, venues, and wedding dress designers.

Some of the biggest wedding-related Instagram accounts are @junebugweddings@aislesociety@weddingphotoinspiration@ruffledblog, and @weddingchicks.

Predating Instagram, Pinterest is the original, wedding-planning corner of the internet. Pinterest, a visually-driven platform, helps users discover trends by promoting related content to items they already “pinned.” For example, if you like a particular color palette, Pinterest will begin aggregating photos similar to it. In turn, your Pinterest feed quite literally becomes a curation showing you the wedding of your dreams! It’s estimated that over 40M people use Pinterest each year to plan their big day.  

Some Pinterest accounts to follow for the latest wedding trends are Etsy Wedding TeamBespoke Bride, and Love My Dress.

Should You Follow The Trends?

You don’t need me to tell you that ultimately, it’s all about your clients, and not the trends. But knowing the trends allows you to be the expert advisor to clients, many of whom want their big day to be a la mode

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