Why You Need Event Management Software

Why You Need Event Management Software

There are many benefits that event management software provides, but here are the four top reasons you need it – right now!

Event planners are crafty professionals who can adapt to any situation on the go. Their organization and improvising skills are unparalleled. It’s no surprise that they can juggle multiple events, clients, deadlines, and vendors at once. Why? They have help. Enter: event management software.

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What is Event Management Software?

Event management software, or EMS, is a solution that helps event planners through all aspects of their events. EMS aids planners from the start to finish and every step of the way. Event management systems can also assist with event promotions and reporting.

The top event professionals in the industry use EMS to streamline their business and event marketing initiatives. It keeps their tasks top-of-mind, their priorities in order, and can even improve their communication with others. Plus, it improves professionalism and makes it look like a million-dollar (or at the least, a hyper-organized) business.

If you want to succeed in the industry, EMS a must. Why? If you plan to grow your business, event management software allows you to scale easier and faster. Here are 4 more reasons why you need event management software.

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1. Organize Tasks and Prioritize To-Do’s

First and foremost, EMS helps you and your team stay organized. By keeping task lists and other content (like registrations, spreadsheets, and contracts) within your EMS, you enable easy access with real-time updates. Tasks also make space for important details like vendor, location, reference images, and contracts.

Event planning software lets you jot down tasks, assign roles, and clarify deadlines. That way, you can see what’s upcoming up and what can be completed another day. Helpful alerts and notifications can keep you and your team on track.

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2. Save Time and Reduce Manual Work

The second reason to invest in EMS is that it streamlines your workflow and that saves you time. How? You eliminate manual processing.

You can also replicate past events. Duplicating events mean you don’t need to start from scratch with new to-do lists and items. This reduces the possibility of errors to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. With software like ThymeBase, you can duplicate an event in less than one minute.

3. Promote Collaboration Within Your Team

Event management software also helps keep your team in the loop. With real-time updates, everyone with access can see the status of items and confirm information instantly. Two heads are better than one, right? 

Plus, the software helps you promote collaboration within your team. By letting others add notes, check off tasks, and feel included, you’re promoting teamwork and unity. Everyone has their role and contributes to the success of an event. It’s a win-win.

4. Improve Communication With Others

Communicating with vendors can feel like herding cats. Everyone is on different pages and referencing an outdated email or spreadsheet. Event software improves communication because everything is updated in real-time. For example, ThymeBase offers cloud-based event planning timelines. This means everyone is referencing the same timeline, no matter how many last-minute changes there are.

One last reason to love EMS: it stays with you at all times. With the software’s app, everything you need is in your pocket! So wherever your events take you, everything you need is one click away.

Scale With Event Management Software

Event management software doesn’t just help you scale your business, but it makes your life easier. Give EMS a try and we promise you, you’ll never go back.

There are many platforms focused on the event industry, and ThymeBase is a new contender. Designed by event planners, ThymeBase’s event planning software offers features to provide exactly what real planners need. Create a free account and make your first event!

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