Work From Home Tips From A Wedding Planner

Work From Home Tips From A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners and many other event professionals often work from home offices. And of course, because we create event software for planners, I reached out to Giada Prini of Enchanting Weddings & Events and asked if I could share her tips on how to stay productive, especially during COVID-19 social distancing.

In her first video of a series, Giada talks about maintaining regular working hours.

Work From Home Flexibility Can Be Counter-Productive For Event Planner

Giada brings up an interesting point about trust. When your colleagues and clients know when you’re around, and how to reach you, they feel they can rely on you. However, when your work schedule is too erratic, and ahem, too flexible, then trust can erode. 

At ThymeBase, we build event planning software with a fully remote, work from home team. So this is something we practice ourselves. Every day, each person on the team checks-in on a schedule. Despite spanning multiple timezones, we all know when we can catch the others on the team. We also share Google calendars internally. Giada shares some work from home scheduling tips of her own.

Giada agrees. She recommends a set time in which you’re consistently available and to make that clear to others. Strong communication and a commitment to a schedule is the foundation of productivity. Especially when working from home.

Giada’s other significant work from home tip is to figure out when you’re most productive and, despite your flexible work schedule, work on your critical event tasks during this time. 

We look forward to her next video! In the meanwhile, here’s some of Giada’s lovely work.

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About Giada Prini

Work From Home Flexibility Can Be Counter-Productive For Event Planner

Giada Prini is a wedding and event planner based in South East London with a lifelong passion for great decor and details. She believes that every small occasion can be transformed into a great party! She holds a Diploma from the Hospitality School in Milan and has worked for over five years in the event industry. Giada is the founder of Enchanting Weddings & Events.

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