5 Environmentally Friendly Place Settings Name Tags

5 Unconventional Environmentally Friendly Place Setting Name Tags

Stationery is an indispensable part of any table setting, but here are some fresh and environmentally friendly alternatives to typical place setting name tags. 

Arranged seating at any event exists for many reasons. It might be to boost conversation and pair up similar people. Or to (coincidently) place your single good-looking cousin next to your best friend in hopes of playing matchmaker. 

Gone are the days of simple printouts and cursive fonts. Sustainable options are on-trend, a more intricate keep-sake for the guest to hold onto. 

Here are 5 stylish alternative place setting name tags that also reduce your event’s environmental footprint.

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Eucalyptus leaves are common at any wedding; however, a new take could be simple color stenciling of guest names onto the leaf itself.  

Another idea for name tags is to spray a stem of greenery to match your color scheme before stenciling guest names. White ash trees and Willow leaves produce a longer, more linear leaf to accommodate larger fonts or longer titles. Using a small twig with the leaves attached could create a more natural and rustic place setting. A single leaf with simple font could provide a more delicate and minimalist look.  

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Set Resin

Resin art is a growing trend where micro flowers and gold leaf can be set into any shape to create unique settings. The idea of placing a perspex, or even a 3D printed name, into this setting could result in a timeless and personalized piece and add depth to any table display. 

The options are endless about how to transcribe guest names (be it on ribbon or handmade rustic paper). Local resin artists could create the piece for you, and your guests could keep it as a personalized remembrance of your big day. These name tags could even be displayed on desks as a handy paperweight or desk décor.

resin name tags
Photo by Sophia Y

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Clothes Pegs

Wooden clothes pegs have played their role in events and weddings, and they’re are not up for retirement just yet. The idea of heavy-downstroke calligraphy in dark hues can seem charming on a clothes peg. When pinned to a champagne flute on a dining table to allocate seating, the name tags’ charm grows. Or pin the name tags at the entrance where people can collect their seating info.

This idea may be rustic in nature, with the brown wood complimenting a boho-styled wedding, a sense of grandeur can be incorporated through some metallic luster. Guests may feel encouraged to take this home as a personalized gift as the peg is multi-dimensional with many household uses.

pegs and polaroids
Photo by Nick Fewings

Dehydrated Fruit

Dehydrated fruit is not glamorous. Or at least it wasn’t until stenciling became a growing stationery trend. Dehydrated citrus, in particular, holds a certain beauty when done correctly. The wheels of dark amber and autumnal tones compliment many a color scheme and add a geometric element to place settings. In the age of biodegradable ink, wedding planners can push for this option due to its environmentally friendly impact.

dried citrus
Photo by Tatiana


Novelty cookies with colored royal icing can be completely personalized. With any shape, color, and handwritten font, the options are endless. This option has an easy solution to reduce the environmental footprint. Guests simply eat all the evidence. 

Novelty lollipops are also a growing trend, with the simple adding of a stenciled ribbon with a guest’s name. Edible options are never-ending and prove promising and sustainable in the events industry and can be done in many stylish ways. Love Heart sweets also present a quirky opportunity for specifically designed wrappers to fit around the traditional pink aluminum packaging. 

love heart candy
Photo by Christina Branco

Thinking Unconventionally About Name Tags And Everything Else

Thinking outside the box is a revolutionary act taking over one industry at a time. Creative event professionals and event businesses pride themselves on reducing the environmental effects of their day-to-day business. With less printing and paper usage and finding different ways to display single-use seating arrangements, I believe this could be the newest craze. So, when thinking about reducing your event’s effect on the environment, consider the little things too. Besides, no guest has ever complained about having to take home a piece of candy.

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