Ryan Gac

COVID-19 Report: Ryan Gac on Staying Positive

Ryan Gac

Ryan Gac

DJ and Marketing Director
Four Entertainment Group Chicago

4EG is a Chicago and Cincinnati-based hospitality group of bars and restaurants with 16 locations across both markets. Ryan is the marketing director for all five Chicago locations and a DJ and musician in his spare time.

…all of the DJ gigs I had lined up for the next couple of months are virtually gone

I think everyone’s coming together on social media. We’re doing a six o’clock shot every night. Everyone’s posting their shots, and it’s kind of nice, but it sucks for those on unemployment. That being said, all of the DJ gigs I had lined up for the next couple of months are virtually gone.

I had a friend whose wedding I was supposed to DJ in April, which is being postponed. I actually have quite a few weddings this summer, in June, July, August, and also October. I don’t really know what the deal is going to be with them, yet.

So, yeah. It’s pretty rough right now.

So, yeah. It’s pretty rough right now. I have a friend who’s got his own business and is kind of throwing me some extra work on the side right now, that’s what I was doing before you guys called me. Some of its administrative, some of it is just building a website and putting a brochure together, so I might be doing a little bit of graphic design.

I’m just building him a new website because it’s extra scratch and make a little money to keep the lights on. It’s been pretty brutal. Same thing with all the other artists, musicians, DJs that I know. Everyone’s sort of just like, “What the fuck do I do, right now?”

It’s really throwing a wrench in everyone’s life right now, so I think I’m going to see how this goes for the next month. I hope that my friend with this business, whose website I’m helping build can continue to pay me for whatever it is that he needs to have done. But, I think his business is kind of hurting as well, right now.

I’m probably going to be searching around for other full-time jobs in fields that aren’t as affected by this thing. Right now, it’s just like I’m doing whatever I can to just not sit around all day. 

But I’ve got my daughter with me, it’s nice that I’m not as busy glued to the computer all day because I can look after her and that’s great. But, I’m here, I got time. 

There are things that I’m doing for fun, like go downstairs into the studio and post silly videos of me playing with drum machines. That’s all fun and, I think stuff like that is just purely for my own personal joy.

You’ve got to be able to do stuff like that to stay happy.

I think things like that bring a positive spirit to the public. I’m not like, a public figure, but it’s for the people that I follow and the people that follow me. I think if you’re having fun and people see that you’re having fun, it’s not all bad and doom and gloom. You’ve got to be able to do stuff like that to stay happy. It’s not just about bringing money in or making money. Obviously, that’s very necessary right now, but trying to stay sane, too.

I do think it’ll pick back up eventually. Just right now, it’s so uncertain.

I think the gigs will return.

People, in general, are going to be so ready to be social and interact and get their life back in order. Think about how many people were planning to get married in May or April, for that matter. They don’t want to put their shit on hold, either. I think the gigs will return.

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