How To Plan A Honeymoon

How To Plan A Honeymoon

Congratulations! You’re in the middle of planning your wedding and knee-deep in coordination what seems like a million things. Just make sure that you also use this time to plan your honeymoon when you plan your wedding.

A honeymoon does not need to be extravagant. It is a time for you and your partner to be together. For my honeymoon, we did many things wrong but still had a fantastic time (Pro tip – If you have never ridden a horse before, do not plan an eight-hour horseback-riding excursion during your honeymoon – even if you manage to stay awake past dinner that night you may not be able to move your legs for days). Here are some tips to make sure that it is a trip that you both look back on with joy.

Photo by Wayan Parmana

Planning Together Or Surprising Your Partner

Many people love to plan travel. Many people hate it. 

In many couples, one person is generally in charge of travel arrangements and the other person who goes gives some input. However, some people want their honeymoon trip to be a surprise for the other partner. I hate surprises, and there is nothing that terrifies me more. My husband, on the other hand, likes surprises. We have gone on many trips where he knows more or less where we are going but none of the details. You know your partner. 

This requires a conversation. It could be quite simple, with each partner agreeing to their role. Or maybe one partner wants to surprise the other. In this case, they need input on available travel dates and basic preferences.

Decide Your Vacation Type

There are many types of vacations that a couple can go on. Many newlyweds like the privacy that small secluded all-inclusive beach resorts provide. In contrast, the ideal honeymoon for others could be a European road trip through 7 countries in two weeks visiting friends. Make sure you communicate with your partner regarding what type of honeymoon you are both expecting.

Also, make sure you know what your partner does not like. This is just as important. You may enjoy snorkeling but have not yet had a chance to do it with your partner. Don’t wait until you plan the trip to find out that they don’t really want to go because they aren’t a strong swimmer in open water (happened to me – though it was solved by some well-placed foam pool noodles).

Plan Ahead For Your Honeymoon

Start planning your honeymoon when you are planning your wedding. Many people go on their honeymoon immediately after their wedding. However, others may wait a few weeks or months, or even years. But once you have decided on dates, start checking for availability and costs of flights, hotels, and activities of where you will be going. Some of these may need to be reserved far ahead of time. So you’ll need to know which ones and when.

You may also want to plan your honeymoon around an event, something as intimate as a family reunion or as global as the World Cup. As I was planning my wedding in Ecuador, my friends, who were getting married before, decided that my overseas wedding would be part of their honeymoon. It was very exciting for me because I knew that they would be coming to my wedding and that I would be able to help them plan their honeymoon.

Budget Your Honeymoon

Travel can be expensive. It can also be quite affordable if you do your research. Once you have an idea of how much your trip will cost, you need to have a plan for how you will save that money. Or you may be shocked at the price of the honeymoon, so you will need to look for ways to save money. Or you could realize that your dream trip is much more affordable than you had imagined, so you can travel for even longer. Having a starting place will let you adjust your plans accordingly.

By starting early, you can keep your eye out for sales. Recently I was able to take my family to a luxury hotel because I had followed them on Instagram and saw their 65% off promotion.

Use Miles

Since you have planned ahead and you know approximately how much your trip will cost, you have plenty of time to figure out how to pay for your trip. Some people pay for travel through frequent flier miles and hotel points, known as travel hacking. If you have regular expenses that you pay each month, consider opening a travel credit card and using the signup bonus for your honeymoon.

Some people find this a bit controversial because it encourages credit card use. Please note that this should only be done if you do not carry any credit card balances and can afford to pay off all your purchases at the end of the month. The Points Guy has a vast library of articles to get you started, such as a beginners guide and ways to maximize points on your wedding expenses.

Show Off Your Newlywed Status

Believe it or not, the hospitality business still will occasionally do something nice for newlyweds. This is partially because it is a good method for attracting loyalty, but also, people are just excited to impress happy newlyweds. So ask about upgrades for newlyweds (and pack a copy of your marriage certificate). They may say no, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Use A Travel Agent To Plan A Honeymoon

Travel agents really know their industry and can direct you towards a trip in your price range that you hadn’t even thought about. Also, there are some specialty travel agents, like those who only book safaris for photographers or cruises for French speakers, who have an encyclopedic knowledge of their niche and will be able to help you plan the exact trip you want.

If you are interested in securing upgrades, using a travel agent may be in your favor. Travel agents have special relationships with airlines, cruise ships, and hotels and can ask for upgrades on your behalf. Also, because you have a personal relationship with them, they may incorporate some details that make your honeymoon special.

Give Yourself 24 hours At Home

After your honeymoon you will need some time to readjust. There will be laundry to do, groceries to buy, and mail to sort through. Possibly you will have had a travel delay. You may also be jet-lagged. Make sure you give yourself a minimum of one day to get things sorted.


After your wedding, you deserve some time to relax and enjoy your trip with your partner.