Wedding Planning

This page is a curated collection of wedding planning articles for event pros by event pros. It’s the perfect place to learn from experts, like your fellow vendors, and get inspired.

At ThymeBase, we build event planning software, and we’ve seen thousands of weddings planned with our software. We know, more than most, that wedding planning is about way more than being organized. Wedding planning is about empathy, kindness, commitment, and determination. It’s also about research, inspiration, trends, people management, and design. And maybe, at heart, wedding planning is about getting it done, no matter what goes wrong.

There’s a process that goes into planning someone’s wedding for them. And one of the hardest things to do is set up a replicable, reliable process that serves as a foundation on which to grow a business. You’ll want to collect wedding planning templates and practice your eye for detail. And, of course, you’ll need to build a network of trustworthy wedding vendors who help you execute memorable events.

Then wedding planning requires flexibility, customization, and a very open mind because each client is different. And that’s probably why it’s such a stressful job. Wedding professionals have to be designers, project managers, psychologists, and sometimes even engineers. And that’s why we write these articles.

Here, you’ll find articles on wedding planning that will help you make your clients happy, work more efficiently and, hopefully, cut down on the stress of being a wedding pro.

My top 5 event tech articles:

You could just browse the articles, and I’d definitely recommend that sometime, but you can also use the blog’s search bar to look for specific keywords. Or you can reach out to us here at ThymeBase and ask. The team is always happy to talk about events and help you find relevant articles. And if we don’t have anything suitable, we’ll reach out to our community of pros to find some great tips.

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