Why You Should Host Your Event At A Hotel

Why You Should Host Your Event At A Hotel

Host Your Event At A Hotel
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Events, like people, come in all different shapes and sizes.  From intimate weddings to corporate events, they all have their differences and similarities. There are many types of venues to choose from, and of course, everyone has their favorite, but here’s why you should host your event at a hotel.

I recently had the chance to speak to a hotel hospitality manager to find out what she wished people knew about the benefits of holding their event in a hotel.  The hotel that she worked at was a four-star, 500 plus room skyscraper for a large international chain in a major US city. She was very determined to make it clear that this is fundamental advice, and the information applies to most hotels.

Hotels Can Fit All Sizes Of Events Easily, Big or Small

The hotel where she worked had over 20 meeting rooms.  If your event is for ten guests or 1000, there is a room or rooms that will serve the size of your event.  Don’t think that your event is “too small” to host at a hotel.  Most hotels are designed with flexibility in mind.  Rooms can be expanded or connected to each other to create a larger space.  Rooms can be screened off for a more private space that is still within the same room. The hotel can also partially divide large halls for you.  

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That also means if your event was supposed to be 300 people but is now 500 (or conversely maybe only 200), the hotel is happy to work with you to figure something out. So big or small, if you need flexibility, host your event at a hotel.

And, by the by, if you need to mitigate last minute changes, use event planning software to instantly share timelines and alert everyone involved.

Host Your Event At A Hotel To Increase Attendance

Having your event in a hotel and, by extension, recommending/advising/compelling your attendees to stay there, dramatically increases attendance at both the main event as well as any auxiliary seminars, break out sessions, meals, or demonstrations.  If attendees don’t need to consider transport to or from an event, they are more likely to attend.  

Your duty as a planner is to make it as easy as possible for your attendees to participate in the planned events.  And it doesn’t get much easier than staying in the same hotel where you’re hosting the event.

On that same note, transport between events is one less thing that you need to coordinate.  

Attendees Can Enjoy Your Event A Little Longer

While going out is fun, getting back home can sometimes be a hassle. When an event lasts late into the night, some people are not enthusiastic to drive back home (and, of course, they shouldn’t be driving if they have been drinking).  Having your event at a hotel and giving attendees the option to book a room there can extend their time at your event.  And if someone is willing to spend the night before and/or after your event, there are ways to make it more enjoyable for your attendees.

Hotels typically have tourist information easily accessible, and the staff has a wealth of knowledge about where to go and what to do during unscheduled time.  Or, as an event planner, you can put together your recommendation of things to do.  You do not need to coordinate extra events, just plant some ideas in the minds of attendees.

Host Your Event At A Hotel For 24/7 Service

Hotels are always open.  In large cities, it is easy to see that hotels are well-staffed day and night – the hotel bar is closing right when the gym is opening.  But even in smaller towns, there will be someone (more likely multiple people) on duty overnight.  And if there is someone you can see, you can be sure that there are many people working that you don’t notice. Like receiving. There will always be someone to take your deliveries.

You get 24 hour service when you host an event at a hotel
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Fewer Vendors, Less Complexity

Many hotels have amenities on site. That means fewer vendors to deal with. For example, there may be a world-class pastry chef on site that can make anything from croissants to wedding cakes.  Other typical on-site services include:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Beauty salon/Spa
  • Business center
  • Notary service
  • Technology specialist

Inquire at your specific hotel what is available, the answer may surprise you.  

Host Your Event At A Hotel For Added Legitimacy

Legitimacy is more important if the event is for something new, but sometimes having a name brand hotel can add to the legitimacy of your event.  A trendy hotel can make your event more sought-after, a fancy hotel can make your event more upscale, an eclectic hotel can make your event more inclusive.  

Many hotels have been around for decades, some even for centuries, and their names evoke an image.  Host your event at a hotel that aligns with your event to make the branding of your event even more potent.

So consider a hotel for your next event.  While each hotel has different specializations, their capabilities are much more than just a place to sleep.