2021 Event Decor Trends

2021 Event Decor Trends Are Downsized & Intimate

Event decor trends are influenced by color predictions, travel trends, pop culture, and more. But 2021’s event decor trends are influenced by something entirely new: COVID-19. Believe it or not, the pandemic is actually inspiring some outrageous (and brilliant) event decor ideas. Here are the top 2021 event decor trends to watch. 

Relaxed, Smaller, Informal Events

As we know, the world has migrated to virtual events to practice social distancing. But for those meriting real human interaction, like weddings, there’s been a shift to smaller, more personal events. COVID-19 has inspired many to ditch big venues and opt for smaller, more intimate options. Think of the rise of backyard weddings!

Current events are leveraging unconventional spaces, leading to non-tradition event design and layouts. A decor trend rising from this is mismatched seating, tablescapes, and decorations like fabric flag bunting.

As event sizes are shrinking, many personal events are leaning toward the informal side since people are prioritizing comfort and personalization. Planners are providing cozy and comfortable seating and lounging areas and offering unique experiences, instead of dancefloors!

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces for weddings
Photo by Autthaporn Pradidpong

In 2020, many of us were cooped up inside. It’s no surprise that 2021’s events want to be outside! Also, since events are trying to limit density and lessen physical touch, outdoor venues create more space and offer fresh air.

That will mean lots of large tents or transforming patios to create the allusion of a traditional ballroom, with the benefits of the outdoors. Also, outdoor lounging areas will be popular, swapping 2020’s antique aesthetics for beautiful but comfortable couches and plush pillows.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is such a versatile way to control a setting’s atmosphere, so expect a lot of it in 2021! The year will reveal lots of mood-setting fairy lights and creative light features

Mood Lighting in event decor trends
Photo by Andre Hunter

We’ve seen people repurposing strands of Christmas lights, dangling exposed bulbs from strings, and lighting (lots of) candles. Other unique lighting trends are vintage chandeliers and custom neon signs because they can directly transform any space. 

Bright Colors

2020 was rough, so 2021 forecasts bright, happy hues to liven the mood. Events are breaking from tradition, and color palates are doing the same. We’re bound to see lots of mustard, buttery yellows, and other bright natural colors while staying away from pastels and whites. 

These color inspirations may bring back some 70’s vibes, so brace yourself for macrame, crochet, wood beads, peacock feathers, and groovy decorations!

color in event decor trends
Photo by Fezbot2000

Focus on Florals

2021 floral trends should follow suit with these color palette projections bringing in warm hues and yellows. Bridal bouquets and centerpieces will be brightly colored. Plan to see statement floral arrangements, big in size due to higher floral budgets. Like mood lighting, flowers are a beautiful way to transform a space. These costly decorations are unusual. However, with fewer event attendees, it’s easier to justify extravagant floral displays in 2021! 

floral event trends
Photo by Taylor Harding

Attention to Personal Details

In the aftermath of 2020, showing event attendees extra acts of gratitude is essential. This trend is inspiring more personal details. These intimate, thoughtful touches will occur as handwritten place cards and thank you notes. Also, expect to see a focus on more elaborate tabletops and guest-centered details.

wedding welcome gifts
Photo by Lanty

Again, downsizing events makes planners rethink their budgets, so it means spending more on attendees themselves. Think welcome gifts and send-off gifts. It’s a great way to show extra appreciation to loved ones and attendees.

In 2021, event hosts and planners are motivated with the mentality: go big or go home. As events shrink in size, budgets are being adjusted, and extra money is spent on decorations. Event planners are going above and beyond to use decor to create new realities and transform unique spaces. The result will be a beautiful and creative year in the world of event decor!

And you ought to keep track of all the details in your event planning software – hint hint.

Amanda Larson, CED, is a Certified Event Designer, marketer, and content creator. With a degree in journalism and special events management, Amanda has worked in marketing and events for both international startups and Fortune500 companies. She specializes in digital branding, copywriting, and graphic design freelancing for clients globally.

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