Five Wedding Trend Predictions for 2022

Five Wedding Trend Predictions for 2022

The wedding industry is driven by changes in event design and culture. So, here are some wedding trend predictions for 2022. 

It’s hard to believe that there are only three and a half months left of the wild and crazy ride that was the year 2021. It was a historic year for many reasons, from the Tokyo Olympics to the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it was definitely a year of ups and downs for event planners and couples looking forward to getting married. Depending on the country, state, and city, some couples had to put off their weddings yet again. Some were able to make their big days happen — albeit differently than they’d imagined. 

I’ve put together a list of my top five wedding trend predictions for 2022. This is for couples who postponed their weddings to 2022 or newly engaged couples looking to tie the knot next year. And for wedding planners that want to offer their clients the most up-to-date, creative ideas.

#1: It’s All About Aesthetics Like Cottage Core

If you’re like me and enjoy perusing TikTok every now and then, there’s no doubt you’ve seen tons of posts of people’s “aesthetics.” I.e., the look or “vibe” they enjoy being a part of, whether it comes to their clothes, makeup, hair, or even home decor. My wedding trend prediction for 2022 is we’ll be seeing a lot of cottage core. Basically, a romantic, old-fashioned yet chic look with lots of fresh florals, down-to-earth design, and natural elements. Cottage core is nostalgic, romantic, and sweet. 

Wedding planners who want to nail this look should be on the lookout for rustic outdoor venues, maximalist bouquets full of wildflowers and old-fashioned blooms, and vintage china. Brides can capture the essence of cottage core by choosing flowing, fairy-tale style dresses with sweet touches like muted floral prints or ribbons and lace. 

#2: More Themed Weddings

Millennials love nothing more than buying kitschy stuff that helps them proudly show off their fandom. If it sounds like I’m speaking from experience, I am – I’ve got a lot of Hufflepuff merch around my house, I admit it. Whether it’s a gorgeous Game of Thrones-inspired wedding, an elegant Bridgerton affair (yes, we’ve blogged about this before). Or something even a Minions wedding (it’s been done!), wedding planners and couples need to keep their minds open and their creative juices flowing. 

I’ll be writing more about themed weddings in the future, so stay tuned, but for now, rest assured that themed weddings are becoming more and more popular. And though they might not be for everyone, a well-executed themed wedding can be gorgeous, inspiring, and totally unforgettable for everyone involved. 

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#3: Dried Flowers

When I first heard about dried flowers making a comeback, I was immediately reminded of the bouquets of dried florals my grandmother had around her house when I was a child. I can still smell their unique scent, and while I thought it was a bit weird and dated when I was a kid, now I think there’s a subtle, old-fashioned, nostalgically sweet beauty to dried blooms. 

This floral trend is set to make a comeback, so don’t be surprised when dried flowers appear in everything from the bride’s bouquet to centerpieces. It’s hard to think of anything that would suit cottage core and rustic weddings better than a gorgeous, antique-looking display of dried blossoms in shades of cream, apricot, peach, and rose.

Five Wedding Trend Predictions for 2022: Dried flowers
Photo by Susan Wilkinson

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#4: The Great Outdoors

 During the pandemic, more people than ever before got back in touch with nature. They fell in love with being outdoors all over again. I know I’ve enjoyed hiking and experiencing all that my Canadian town has to offer, from rivers, lakes, and forests to mountains and beaches. 

So it’s no surprise that many people are choosing to tie the knot outdoors in places that have come to mean so much to them. From ceremonies held in forest clearings and meadows to gardens and vineyards, wedding planners can expect many clients to request outdoor sites. With the COVID-19 pandemic still an ongoing concern, open-air weddings are also a great way to keep everyone comfortable and safe. 

Outdoor weddings
Photo by Tam Nguyen

#5: Technology

Event tech is constantly evolving. Savvy event planners need to stay on top of all the latest trends, apps, and services, like ThymeBase’s event planning software. No one knows precisely what will happen with the pandemic in the coming months. While people are hoping to return to normalcy, I predict that we’ll still see quite a few virtual weddings and other events. 

In fact, many couples are doing both – having a small, intimate ceremony to keep the numbers low for their local restrictions while having their loved ones from far away take part in the event virtually. There’s no getting around the growing role of technology in weddings and other events. Never before have people been able to stay in touch and close despite being miles away. If I had a chance to take part in a wedding virtually when I otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend, I’d be excited. 

While we enjoy the beauty of autumn and the following holiday season, I’m looking forward to seeing how my wedding trend predictions for 2022 play out in the world of weddings and event planning. The inspiring thing about this industry is that event planners can take in stride what other professionals would quake at the thought of. It’s said no one likes change, but I disagree. Event professionals thrive on it!