TikTok & Event Planner Marketing

Event Planner Marketing in 2020: The Expanding TikTok Demographic

We’ll take a look at how TikTok can take your event planner marketing to the next level.

Social media is such a powerful part of any business’s marketing efforts today, from small independents to global giants. It’s the most effective way to get your message over to your target audience. We’ve seen companies of all sizes find incredible success with a well-planned social media marketing strategy.

It wasn’t too long ago that social media marketing consisted mostly of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then, just as marketers were getting comfortable, Snapchat popped into existence in late 2012. And changed the game. Sure, the demographic was younger and the platform took some getting used to. But the reach was too massive to ignore. 

Then a new platform came along. Two years ago, TikTok was released on Android and iOS for markets outside of China. Today, it has over 500 million active users, and a 29% engagement rate. And it is the only top 5 global app not owned by Facebook. 

TikTok and Event Planner Marketing
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What Is TikTok

If you’re one of the few who is not addicted to TikTok yet, here’s a quick primer. TikTok is like a video version of Instagram and a source of constant entertainment. When you open the app, TikTok greets you with a video feed curated especially “For You.” Content ranges from hilarious to catchy, to cringey. Much like Instagram and Twitter, you can then follow content creators whose videos you like, as well as access commenting and messaging capabilities.

On the creative side, it allows you to film short clips of yourself talking, dancing, cooking, doing stunts, or any other activity. The app then gives you easy-to-use editing tools to slice and dice the video and set it to a song of your choice. Then you share it and the magic begins. 

Like Events, TikTok Is All About Trends

TikTok is trend-driven, with specific songs and dances becoming world-wide crazes. It has built-in features to support this virality like the ability to lip-sync to your favorite tunes, create dances, and share them all either publicly or privately. 

All in all, TikTok is a massively popular social media platform. What started as a place for teenagers to post silly dance videos, has turned into a rapidly growing platform for people of all ages to enjoy. It’s for this reason that TikTok is the place to be when positioning your event style as on-trend.

Winning Event Planner Marketing With TikTok

TikTok is a platform perfect for event planner marketing. And that includes event marketers. Everyone is promoting themselves and their business on TikTok – from real estate agents to psychologists. The platform is perfect for event planners, given the engaging content you can post and the stories you can create.

For example, here is a compilation of how real estate agents are using short TikTok videos to show their properties. Another example is this therapist. Their TikTok page is filled with tips on coping with loneliness and anxiety. And marketing her practice. 

For event planners, for example, you could show a video of the actual event and then all the behind-the-scenes action and drama that went into creating this perfect outcome – building your brand, instilling confidence and engaging users.

So, just as one suggestion, event planners can take two short clips – one of an event space before, and one after. Splice them together to create a TikTok video showing off your ability to transform a space. With a catchy track, these kinds of videos have the potential to perform exceptionally well.

Social Media Event Planner Marketing
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Quick TikTok Tips For Event Planners

In order to keep your videos engaging, there are a few tips that can really help:

  • It sounds clichéd, but be yourself! The authenticity element of TikTok creates engagement
  • Take some time to decide on your strategy, and stay consistent
  • Grab attention and make your main point right at the beginning of your video
  • Your video should have a funny or quirky element where possible – this really resonates with TikTok users
  • Viewers are more likely to share videos with a punchline, a dramatic moment or set to a catchy song
  • Stay active, stay relevant and stay trendy – it helps to be on the app often, noting what the latest trends are 
  • Try to keep some elements of your videos consistent in order to build your TikTok brand
  • Post as much as you can
  • Make sure your bio and links are updated

The best advice is to be on the platform, see what others are doing, and draw inspiration from the best TikToks out there.

Paid TikTok Marketing

TikTok also has paid-advertising options with various models: 

  • In-Feed Video
  • Hashtag Challenge
  • Hashtag Challenge Plus
  • Brand Takeover
  • Branded Lens
  • Top View

While less relevant for event planners, it’s important to know the options that are out there.

In-Feed Video: A native format that uses immersive, short-form videos much like those in TikTok user videos.

Hashtag Challenge: Brands can engage with users by encouraging them to create and share specific content using a hashtag. 

Hashtag Challenge Plus: An eCommerce upgrade of the hashtag challenge format that places a shopping category embedded in the challenge page. From there, users can view products and can then go to a location within TikTok where they can purchase the product.

Brand Takeover: A full-screen, immersive ad that pops up when a viewer launches the app.

Branded Lens: This format lets marketers create and promote their own 2D or 3D lens which TikTok users can then play around with. 

Top View: This format starts as a Takeover ad, but then fades into an In-Feed video lasting 15 seconds. 

Driving Event Planner Marketing Success With TikTok

If you want to expose your brand to a massive audience – then TikTok is the platform for you.

In our opinion, it shouldn’t yet replace your marketing efforts on social media channels such as Instagram, but rather should complement your efforts on these channels offering a more personal, behind the scenes feel.

Leveraging the latest tools and platforms – like ThymeBase’s event planning software, TikTok, or the latest marketing strategies – is the secret weapon in fast-tracking business success.

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