Planning Live Events After Lockdown

Tips When Planning Live Events After Lockdown

The event-planning world has changed quite a bit since 2020, with the introduction of masks, regular sanitation, and strict social-distancing regulations. Here at ThymeBase, we would like to give you some tips on planning and hosting live events after lockdown — because we all know we need it!

Naturally, before planning your post-Covid event, you should always consider the rules and regulations of your local and national government, the authorities, and the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) before attempting to host an event during Covid. 

What Does After Lockdown Mean?

Look, Covid will likely be with us for a long while. Yes, vaccinations, improved care strategies, and social distancing have lowered cases in many places. But even once live events return, there will likely be local and national regulations and rules set by venues and clients. 

After lockdown doesn’t mean “post-Covid.” It simply means a return to live events, but safely and carefully. And this article is about partying in person responsibly.

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Use a Strict Set of Rules Even After Lockdown

Whether during a global pandemic or not, any event has to have a general code of conduct. This refers to what people are allowed or not allowed to do during your event, and what is safe. Recently, most venues require their guests to enter the premises with a mask on and allow the removal thereof once stationary or seated. 

Depending on the rules of the venue you are using and your own rules, you should consistently enforce these rules. When hosting an event with improper safety precautions, you could face fines related to the breaking of national Covid-regulations, causing a Covid-outbreak at your event, or having licenses and permits revoked. These issues could be an insurance nightmare, so take the necessary actions to improve overall compliance.

Communicate with your Attendees

When planning live events after lockdown, you are certainly going to have to do some convincing. Attendees will want to know what precautions your events are taking to ensure their safety and well-being. 

Present your clients with a guideline and a list of what to expect at your events. Include sanitation stations, social-distancing regulations, guest capacity limitations, and whether attendees will be reprimanded for not following the rules. You can help settle their nerves.

Although some attendees might not agree with how you do things, your guidelines act as a fail-safe which you can use to justify event protocols. 

Use event planning software to make this easier. Consider adding these guidelines to your day-of timeline so all the vendors have a copy and are on the same page.

Choosing The Right Venue For Live Events After Lockdown

Finding a venue has always been challenging, even when people were allowed to go wherever they wanted! This is also true for live events after lockdown, as you might have to make a few tough decisions, one of them being: outside or inside? 

Your choice depends on the venue’s regulations, set by the owners or managers, and if the venue has to option to host indoors, outdoors, or both.

Once again, you should be conscious of your local and national government’s rules regarding Covid and after lockdown events. Most governmental bodies favor open-air events. These events limit close contact between guests and allow more people to attend. The only problem with open-air events is seasonal weather, which can be very unpredictable. 

Events after lockdown that are held indoors might require investigation into sufficient ventilation and social distancing. It might also affect the number of people you are allowed to have in an enclosed space.

The best option would be to host an event that is both indoors and outdoors, as this might result in more relaxed regulations.

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Technology is Your Friend

Important information and possible changes to your after lockdown events should be communicated effectively. Use the internet and relevant communication platforms to supply your attendees with news or updates regarding your event. This could refer to posting information related to transportation and safety precautions on your social media platforms or having client portals that streamline the process. 

You could also use electronic tickets or invitations, which will cut down on your expenses and limit the number of hands and people that come into contact.

Food and Drinks After Lockdown

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Whether you choose to serve drinks, food, or both during your event, you might have to implement further restrictions. Focus on how food and beverages are being served, for example, buffet-style or at tables when guests are seated. 

It might be a good idea to use servers when hosting an event, as this limits the risk of guests bunching up in lines or around the vendors and touching the same condiments. This would require you to have a team of servers if the vendors do not have their own. 

Hygiene and Relief 

As with many venues which do not have on-site ablutions, you have to rent portable toilets and hand-washing stations. Something that counts in your favor is your restricted guest list, allowing you to have exact figures of the number of attendees at your event after lockdown. These toilets and hand-washing stations should be placed in strategic locations so that: 

  1. There is enough space between attendees and staff;
  2. The cleaning and maintenance crews can easily access these amenities;
  3. Attendees can regularly make use of them.
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Planning Live Events After Lockdown Is A Process

The Covid pandemic has changed many things, but it shouldn’t stop you from hosting incredible events. You can reimagine your event planning style to include the governmental and venue requirements. Obviously, it will be a process to adapt to the new way of doing things, but we know you’ve got this in hand. You’re an event pro. There’s nothing you can’t handle.