Marketing Your Event Business At Local Markets

Marketing Your Event Business At Local Markets

Is there a space for event pros at farmers markets, flea markets, craft fairs, and other similar local markets? 

We think yes.

These local markets offer exposure to a new audience, networking opportunities, and inspiration. Here’s why. 

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Centuries ago, in my junior school days, there was always a buzz of excitement leading to the last Friday of each month. Entrepreneurship day was responsible for this buzz. We had the privilege of coming to school in our best casual wear and having a less structured educational day in the classroom. Before the big day, selected students were assigned to sell out as many raffle tickets as possible. Students from the various grades were encouraged to bring something unique to sell. 

Reminiscing about the good old days makes me realize that Entrepreneurship Day was meant to be more than just a fun day for younger me. My entrepreneur’s brain was actively being stretched and molded.

Our teachers and parents were the brains behind entrepreneurship day. Unlike planning an event today, the junior school participants did not have to worry about the event timeline. The organizers made sure every entrepreneurship day was one to remember. The success of the previous events maintained the hype and a ripple effect of anticipation for the next ones. I believe that the spirit of entrepreneurship day did not end in junior school. It has transcended to the modern-day markets we love to be a part of. 

Modern markets carry the same concept as entrepreneurship day. 

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What Can Event Pros Offer At Local Markets?

The apparent event pro that thrives at local markets is catering companies. But there’s space for florists, makeup artists, stylists, balloon artists, and bridal dressmakers (at local fashion events). 

Your stand need not be event-specific, but it’s a way to showcase your creativity and market your event services simultaneously. For example, a friend had their event catered by a food truck they met at a food truck rally. 

A florist could sell floral crowns or small bouquets while marketing their event offerings. A makeup artist can do mini makeovers. You’re in the event industry and thus creative – I’m sure you can think of something. 

Consider that in larger cities, there are tens of thousands of engaged couples. You’ll reach potential clients, couples, and families of to-be-weds. Just take time to scope out your local markets first and find the ones best for you.

Markets Offer A Unique Kind of Interaction

Markets are fun-filled platforms that allow for meaningful interactions. They carry the same kind of uniformity Entrepreneurship Day did in its era. Markets have a way of leveling the business playing field enabling small businesses to stand alongside larger competitors.

Your booth or stand can be as attractive, enticing, or highly trafficked as anyone else at a local market. If you’re welcoming, then you’ll engage with people.

On the other hand, you have the luxury to interchangeably provide a service and enjoy the services offered at the market. Among countless benefits of being part of a market, shared advertisement is an appreciated bonus. Your business shares center stage with well-known businesses with a similar client base to you.

Meet Your Fellow Local Vendors

Markets are also a strategic way for small businesses to acquaint themselves with each other. And, of course, to showcase their brands and products to both old and new clientele. 

As an event planner, you’ll expand your network of collaborators. You might meet a new vegan baker or seller of artisanal coffee. The former can help cater at a vegan-friendly event. The latter could host a roasting class as a team-building event you’re planning. These ideas are simply illustrative of the inspiration you’ll find when you participate in local markets.

A Stress-Free Experience

Markets have a way of easing the individual pressure on you as a small business owner. The gathering together in a single space makes you see your fellow businesses as potential allies. Instead of having all the prospective clientele flocking to your store only, customers have free range to experience multiple unique products simultaneously. 

All parties have similar goals: to put their business out there in the most memorable way. The cost of treading on new waters may be intimidating, but the exposure gained is worth it. Procurement of new ways requires the necessary steps of faith.

The Power of Collaboration

Markets are a great way to network. 

More than the customer interaction, working alongside other businesses adds diversity to your experience. Meaningful collaborations with the right people may add a fresh spin to your events. 

The power of collaboration can be noted even in the simplest of contexts. For a second, think of how a potluck helps collectively save money. Every individual invited has the opportunity to bring a little of what they have to share and contribute to a greater whole. The outcome is a loaded plate. A little has the potential to be stretched out to produce more when placed in the right hands. That right there is the power of collaboration.

Just as entrepreneurship day was a safe place to explore your business brain in junior school, markets can offer the same kind of safety net. Newfound networks can give you a hand up when you really need one. For instance, they can help you learn a new trade that will benefit you. 

Uniting Your Local Community

It could be putting you on another networking group or even introducing you to sites that offer deals irresistible for you to decline. A fellow collab may assist in holding your foot down in ways you would not be able to on your own. Unlike trying to get into big corporations, markets have a strange way of uniting people and building communities among fellow small business owners. You’ll meet people who have encountered challenges similar to yours. And you’ll learn from them.

A Potential Opportunity

If you have the opportunity to gather a few networks, why not take the chance and host your own event. 

Putting your events company out there is an exciting process. And local markets are a platform that will open avenues and introduce you to an audience ready to listen and engage you. You’ve already done event expos or bridal shows. Farmers markets aren’t all that different.

The event industry is lonely when you’re grinding alone, so consider signing up for local markets to reach a new customer base. And to grow your local business network. And, of course, use the team collaboration features in ThymeBase’s event professional software