Advanced SEO Tools For Event Professionals

Advanced SEO Tools For Event Professionals

In part four of the event business tools series, today we will be discussing advanced SEO tools that will enhance your search engine reach. 

This is the fourth in a series of marketing tools for event businesses. You can read the first three articles here: 

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First, let’s discuss what SEO is. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of ensuring that a specific page ranks higher on Google when certain keywords are used. SEO ensures your event business comes up first when customers are looking for event planning services. Using SEO optimally can increase the traffic to your website. And lucky for you, we have a few options and tools that can help you apply search engine optimization effectively. 

We’ve written extensively about SEO and SEO tools on this site. If you’re looking for a crash course, I recommend starting here: The Basics of SEO For Event Planners. But once you’ve gone through the basics, these tools take your SEO to the next level.


This is a tool to help with the difficult task of PR and backlink building. JustReachOut connects you with the journalists, the bloggers, the podcasters, and even the YouTubers that will help your business grow. They also provide pitch templates to help you reach out to the new network you have discovered. The workshops and lessons they provide are a nice touch that will help utilize social media PR for everyone. There are demos for you to go peruse if you need a little extra before making your decisions. 


Ahrefs are an all-in-one SEO toolset with free learning materials, a community, and support. They provide you with the ability to track your ranking progress (how high up you rank on the Google results page when a keyword that matches your business is entered), keep an eye on your competitors, study what keywords and searches your customers are using and optimize your website to show up on the top of the list. The only catch is that the 7-day trial costs $7, unlike many other platforms that offer a free trial for the first week. 


SEOquake is a browser extension. This means that you install the extension and then use it to analyze the parameters of search engine results. This free plugin comes with keyword density reports, Link analysis, and SEO audit tools. SEOquake allows you to inspect the analytical data on any webpage. 


Focusing on Instagram and YouTube influencers, NinjaOutreach is a platform with an influencer database that few other platforms can match. The idea is to provide you with a list of influencers that match with your brand style and business, thus helping you create an Influencer Marketing Campaign. Filtering through millions of influencers and saving you hours of work. By using the database of influencers that NinjaOutreach provides, you can now reach a larger audience and have a voice vouching for your product or service. The database also includes the email addresses of the influencers, which makes contacting them so much easier. No more sliding into someone’s DM’s to get a shoutout. 


DeepCrawl provides your event business with segmented data to illustrate the places where your priorities should lie. A bit of a different take when compared to above mentioned advanced SEO tools that provide the data and the analysis thereof, but not where you need to focus your energy. Divided into two main categories, these advanced SEO tools fall under the Detect category or the Protect category. The detection part of this platform helps detect opportunities that will help your business grow. And enables you to make informed changes to your website and pages. The protect category of advanced SEO tools ensures that there are no SEO errors that can cost you your page ranking. A big platform that may be more suited to bigger businesses or small businesses that predict rapid growth.


Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website or a page that reads Error. Pages that do not work, slow websites, or even site glitches can hurt your event business brand. This is where Pingdom enters the scene.  A ping is a program to test the delay between two computers or see if a computer is connected to a network. Pingdom is a monitoring platform that inspects and monitors your page speed. And allows you to troubleshoot and improve on the points that could cause a frustrating experience for your customers. The platform does real-time and synthetic analysis to provide you with the most accurate information and solutions for slow pages.


We commonly joke about “if it’s not on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist.” A SERP is the Search Engine Results Page – the page we have all seen. There are two forms of SERP’s the organic type and the paid-for type. The organic form is the pages that appear due to the algorithm of the search engine. This is where your page will be after using the advanced SEO tools discussed in this post.

The second form is the paid-for content. You have probably seen them with the small Ad icon next to them. These ranking results have been paid for, so they are stuck to the top of the SERP. If you are using the organic method of getting your website seen, you need to see where on the SERP your link falls, which is what Serprobot is for. It is a free platform that helps you check your google ranking.

That’s it for now, but I can’t stress enough that along with ThymeBase’s event planning software, we have a ton of resources for event professionals and event businesses. And that includes many SEO articles for beginners and more experienced pros looking to get an edge online.