Social Media Tools For Event Pros

Social Media Tools For Event Professionals

Social media plays an outsized role in the event industry, so here are some of our top social media tools for event professionals.

We as a species currently find ourselves in the middle of a time called the Digital Age, a phrase that we often encounter, but what does it actually mean? In short, this refers to a period in time, the 21st century to be precise, when digital technology became the most common industry. We moved away from the more traditional technologies and threw ourselves into this era of information and the internet headfirst. 

The traditional methods of running an event business are no longer the way to do it. These days, email marketing, TikTok videos, and Instagram posts are how we showcase what we have to offer. 

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So here follows a series of posts. I’ll share tools you might need to kickstart or improve your event business on all digital platforms and help you reach your audience across the globe. And we’ll start with social media tools for event professionals.

We are all familiar with the social media platforms, the places where we spend hours scrolling and getting lost down rabbit holes. The trick is to use this to your advantage, and here is how you can do it.

Agora Pulse

This social media tool has built-in features to help you and your team manage your social media accounts. The functional features include a single inbox where all your social media messages will head directly, adding organization to your day. 

Agora Pulse also includes social media analytics and offers insightful stats about the performance of your posts. And the trends that are making waves. This has endless potential with information about your content’s engagement, response times, and the content that works best on which platform. Publishing planning is another added benefit of this tool. 

The only catch is that all this information comes at a price, but there is a trial run that you can look into if you aren’t quite ready to commit. 


Buzzsumo is a research tool to help us out keywords that work, trending stories, and what your competitors are up to. With a free trial that lasts for 30 days, this is not a bad option. This app is built around finding the social media engagement data that will help your brand flourish. You can track your brand name, how often it is mentioned, what your customers like and maybe don’t like as much. There is a font of knowledge waiting for you to explore with articles on how to use this tool optimally. It’s one of our favorite social media tools for event pros.

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Although Instagram can be a blessing, it has its curses. The lack of followers, the struggle of gaining them, or even the very real struggle of not reaching a wide enough audience can all be quite disheartening. Using a tool like Socialboost that has handpicked social media managers to help you grow your Instagram page may just be the answer. 

Nobody wants to buy followers; the idea is to have a network of real people willing to invest in your business and buy your services, not bots. The goal of Socialboost is to provide you with a safe and secure method of growth so as not to violate your Instagram terms of service. They share monthly analytical reports, as well as help you understand the campaigns that are being implemented. And how they are performing. This is a hands-on tool that is not very time-consuming. 


Mention will help you monitor the trends and keywords circulating on the various platforms. You can access brand insights, competitor insights and monitor conversations that are taking place worldwide. Mention has a built-in publishing feature that helps you draft, schedule, and publish posts across multiple platforms like other social media tools for event professionals. Using the information gathered from the monitoring side of this tool to boost the keywords and hashtags used by your team to publish relevant posts on schedule sounds pretty good to me. 


Thymebase will have your real-life events planning tasks sorted, but having your social media calendar sorted and scheduled is an entirely different story. This is where CoSchedule comes in. The calendar helps you and your team can see the big picture of what is planned for the month. 

The calendar can be shared across the team, with checklists and updates to keep everyone up to date. Pairing this with Thymebase’s hashtag generator could just maybe be the answer to all your planning woes. 

Plus, we love their headline analyzer for share-worthy post titles.


Later is another tool aimed towards the planning and scheduling of social media posts across multiple platforms. They offer the added benefit of a preview of the feed before it is has been posted. Helping with the cohesive look of your respective pages and keeping with your brand identity. Later aims to provide the user with intuitive software that doesn’t take a course to understand. 

It has stand-out features, including sales tracking and traffic analytics, user-generated content. And training if you are interested in growing your social media marketing knowledge. 


Yet another calendar platform aimed at social media planning. This platform has TikTok scheduling included in the plan, making it slightly different from previously mentioned platforms. Share social media planning with collaborators and having them comment on the planned posts in context next to the post. This helps streamline the collab process. And it excludes a lot of the pressure of back and forth emailing. It’s something our event planning software does too, so we like that workflow.

Their pricing plans fit every budget. It’s is an option that will help solidify your brand and save you some time while doing it. 

A Social Media Presence Is Vital

In the digital age, a social media presence for an event business is a must. And growing your audience has never been easier with the plethora of options and platforms available at your fingertips. Why spend hours reinventing the wheel when someone else can do it for you?